Where Did I Go Wrong

Everyday was a simple task for me,
Whatever comes, I'll accept whatever it takes,
That was what I wanted, what I believed,
Untill unexpected moment happens when we met.

We both stranger but enjoyed others company,
It was quiet romantic, you told we're destiny,
Then, all of the sudden your actions showed,
You kissed me & love revealed.

Myself limitations I've forgot it already,
I've even offered myself for I believed you personally,
Many against you but I never took it seriously,
For me your such a gift given by the Almighty.

By loving you I put aside my priorities,
I've taken for granted their wants & advices,
What always matter for me was your happiness,
I did'nt realized I've fully blinded by the circumtances.

One day I've noticed I've given too much,
You got everything nothing left within me,
Even my rigths you stole it away,
But you're not contented & said "you found better than me",

For how many years I've been following you,
For how years I adored you,
All my life I gave the best for you,
Facing the reality is harder to do.

Where did I go wrong my dear?
Why you abandoned me & leave me in despair?
How I can go-on & recover?
If my heart longs for someone to repair?

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