For You Mama

She wrapped us in her innocence,
In a world with so much sin,
She watched us grow and learn,
She supports us all the way,
No question ask, no blame game,
Whenever we fall,
She's always there to light our spirit,
She never give up on us,
Even if she's too broken,
She keeps telling us we are her Angels,
Even if we have demon on ourselves,
She said, we're very beautiful,
Even if in the eyes of the wolrd we are ugly,
She inspires us like nobody does,
She love us, nurtures us,
Inspite of our imperfections in her eyes,
In her arms, we are safe!
Happy Mother's Day!
We love you, Mama!

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7 Share your thoughts

Happy mothers day sa iyong mama dear :)

Advance Happy Mother's Day... isang mapayapang umaga.

am sure ate bhing pag nabasa to ng mama mo sobrang mata-touch xa..
namiss ko tuloy naynay ko..

advance happy mother's day po sa iyong mama!

happy mothers day paki sabi kay mama..

ate bhing :)

pakisabi kay mama mo na happy mother's day. wara na kaya akong mama na babation so ibang motherhood nalang ang babation ko :)

namiss ko si mama :(

pero maski wara na si mama babation ko pa man siya giraray ta aram kong nahihiling niya ako :)

have a great day ate :) muah!

What a world without a mother. Happy mother's day sa lahat ng mga mothers and nagiging papel na mother sa kanilang mahal sa buhay.

Salamat sa pagbati! Happy Mother's day to your mom as well... Keep smiling!