My Own Qoutes

Here's the list of my personal qoutes:
1. I should love myself first because i can only give what i have in my own self.
2. Expectation ruins everything, so i don't need to expect, i just have to believe.
3. I can't dictate the course of the wind but i can always adjust my sail.
4. Determination will always play a vital part in achieving my dreams.
5. What i decide today will affect my tomorrow.
6. Pray hard, it works!
7. Live in reality not in fantasy land.
8. Friends may come and go but my family will stick to my side and will accept me for who i am.
9. Love your work like there's no other job in the whole universe.
10. Life is a puzzle but how to solve it lies in our own hands.
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6 Share your thoughts

i agree with number 8..Marami na akong mga kaibigan, di ko na alam ko nasaan na sila ngayon..iniwan nila ako..huhu kawawa ako diba? but I am thankful for having a supportive family and a mother who love me so much..

family will always be our family kht pa sa tingin ng iba failure tau or masama, anjn p rn cla.

"I can't dictate the course of the wind but I can always adjust my sail".

We are living in a world of uncertainties, like sailing in the vast ocean, there is no guarantee or shortcut for success, through faith we rely on God's will, as in our journey in chasing our dreams, we need to courage and strength to adjust our sails along the right path of the wind to reach our target destination.

God bless you.

Girl power!

Only a few would dare write their own quotes, they simply would write their own thinking it will describe them better. What others don't realise is that writing quotes of your own adds a strong persona in our life.

I agree with all of your quotes! Fly!

@ Pope,tnx for a wonderful insights!

@ yellowApple, 1st time mong magbisita/mag-iwan ng coment sa pahina ko. tnx!