for i am defeated,
do not frown in my pain,
just smile on your own.

my misery is mine alone,
do not pretend to care,
because love is behind repair.


sing the song you used to sing,
hurry for my heart is changing,
take the chance while i'm listening.

the lyrics are not the same,
even the tune is not a music to my ears,
but a knife that keeps me bleeding.


i won't dance now,
for your steps are different from mine,
rather i'll be your audience for the last time.

i am saving my last dance,
don't ask why?
just go ang never ask a chance.

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17 Share your thoughts

aw! english!

"save the last dance for...."

save the last dance for another rainbow...

tnx azel!

sino si rainbow? hehe.. nakisabat.. hi sau ms. Bhing =)

galing palah nagn pagkasulat dyan... savin' d' last dance for someone who deserves it... kay rainbow! =) Godbless! -di


i guess missing in action...

tnx dhianz!

parang mainit ang ulo ah..

"Wag kang tatawa-tawa ryan.."
"Wag kang kumanta, sintunado ka.."
"Mag-sayaw kang mag-isa mo, wag mo na ako idamay.."


Ako na lang kakanta para sayo Bhing..
3rd place ako sa Taji Idol e hehehe, tanong mo kay Lenz...

Kantahan kita ng Rainbow by South Boarder....


Is these your characters? If so you're a strong women. nice poem BHing

@rio, wow my instant singer kami...

hndi nmn ako galit nyan, galit n galit hahaha!joke lng...

have a nice day!

@life moto, jst trying to be tired of crying, now is the time to stand up...

tnx for dropping by!

there is sunshine after the rain daw...there is rainbow naman if the rain will not come...

whatever life hold or keep us, just always remember, You are the master of yourself and you are who you are through your own choice alone. Choose the Right. Be Happy, You can't afford to have a miserable life by wallowing in despair di ba...

hehehe ayan nagalit na ang matanda...napagsabihan ka, hahaha.

@mr thoughtskoto, tnx...

im sailing, the wind my not be in favor in the direction i want to take but i can always adjust my sail...

have a nice sunday!

The Lord asked you if He can dance with you...

When you find that the water is at its lowest tide, don't turn your back, wait for sometime and you'll surprise the the water will start to rise and runs back to shore.

When you feel all alone, don't feel bad, God is there standing before you, wanting to take your hand and lead you into the ballroom where there are no other guests and whisphering into your ear, you have never been alone, I Am always beside you my child, so wipe away your tears, with me You are always safe.

there is always sunshine after the rain..

if this is a song of your life..hulaan kita ha..

Isa kang totoong tao..hindi ka naniniwala sa mga sinasabi ng iba..ginagawa mo kung ano ang gusto mo lalo na pag natitiyak mong tama ito..

@Pope, tnx a lot...

really love your thoughts, wish me luck!

god bless!

@ ruel, salamat sa hula. i guess ur ryt, in evrything i do i am trying to be true inspite of all the obstacle i am facing...

tnx sa dalaw!

i admire hard-working people like you. u have a cool blog and i love ur posts. i am a poet at heart kaya na-appreciate ko mga gawa mo. bisita po kayo sa bago kong blog kapag may oras kayo. this invitation is for everyone actually. kitakits po tayo. and... pasko na! haha.

Be STILL ate..

dadating din ang RAINBOW...hehehe..^^,

@mr. nightcrawler, i guess its ur 1st time in my blog...tnx for ur time, come again!

@ jenskee, i will... standing still! darating b c rainbow? im wishing soon! (nyahaha)