Tipping Point

"How old are you?"
I'm 31 years old, i've answered

"Do you have a family on your own"
No, im single, i've answered with a smile

Then, i couldn't remember anything. Perhaps i've force my mind to wander, to released all the fragmented images of uncertainties.

Why is it when your in 30's wedding is a big issue? Why they make a big deal on it? Sometimes it's getting in my nerve when most of my friends and relatives keeps insisting the idea of getting hitch. I knew for the fact that they are all concerned in my future life, when i can't do simple chores on my own, when all my youth surrendered in old age but sometimes i wish they will be sensible enough to understand that getting this far is my own choice. It's fine with me to talk about it, jokes on this topic but most of the time they makes me feel like a laughing stuff.

What they expect me to do? Find a guy, grab his hand suddenly propose? I'm getting annoyed sometimes, in every gatherings and occassions it's a big issues that I am single. Who wants to be single anyway? Maybe, i just given up the notion of fairy tale so walking the aisle is not a dream anymore. If it meant to be, it will be.

Before, i admit it scared me to think that i will be getting old alone because being alone in life means failure, that no one loves you and care for you. But as i walk in my journey my views changed. Life is always a matter of choice, whatever the status i am into now, it's merely my choice and rights.

I will hold on to my life. Enjoy the things that i have and the people that makes me feel alive.

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na-inspire naman akoh sa post moh... kinda relate pero akoh nasa early twenties lang... pero yung feeling na single kah and most of d' people around yah are either taken or married or watever but not single... and sometimes you juz couldn't relate w/ watz goin' on w/ their life... i'm not even scared... 'cause i know it'll come in His perfect timing.. it might not be a perfect fairy tale but it'll happen and i'm positive 'bout that and i trust God w/ it... but itz just that right now... i feel like most of the time i'm a third wheel... sabit.. alalay... when sa parties... everyone talkin' bout their special someone... i dunno... 'la lang... juz hopin' sana awa ni God d' next one will be my forever nah... dmeng sinabi eh noh?... lolz... oh yeah sa dear john...graveh... really sad love story noh?! hirap kc mahal nilah ang isa't isa and they can't even be together...sigh.. sige laterz ate Bhing... Godbless! -di

as long as you have your family, as long as you have your dear friends.. you'll not get old alone!

how old am i? >>> 29
married? >>> single

(eh ano bang paki nyo kung single ako! di naman ako namamalimos sa inyo! buset na yan! big deal ba?)

hamo nga sila... inggit lang ung mga yun, kase ikaw pwedeng gumimik to the max... sila di na pwede kase baka mamana ng anak! lolz!

Yun nga lang Bhing ang disadvantage bilang isang babae. hindi kasi nating naging custom ang babae ang mag propose sa guy. But sometime one's need to go out of the box. Sabi nga hindi na daw uso ang maria clara sa panahon na ito.

I know how you feel.
When I see some single ladies here in Saudi, age more than 40's, I feel sad for them. Kasi they live their lives sa work and home. Support their families. Not knowing that they have miss a lot of things. isa na ang love life.

There are calling for marriage and singleness. For which one is yours i believe that God will granted you a gift in His perfect time.