A Story Of Bravery

An 18-year-old construction worker braved rampaging floods in the Philippines to save more than 30 people, but ended up sacrificing his life in a last trip to rescue a baby girl and her mother who were being swept away on a styrofoam box.

Family members and people who Muelmar Magallanes saved have hailed the young man a hero, as his body lay in a coffin at a makeshift evacuation centre near their destroyed Manila riverside village.

Philippines residents go to all lengths to escape neck-deep flood waters. Photo: Reuters
"I am going to be forever grateful to Muelmar," said Menchie Penalosa, the mother of the six-month-old girl whom he carried to safety before being swept away himself. "He gave his life for my baby. I will never forget his sacrifice."

Mr Magallanes was at home on Saturday with his family when tropical storm Ketsana unleashed the heaviest rains in more than 40 years on the Philippine capital and surrounding areas.

At first the family, long used to heavy rains, paid little attention to the storm.
But Mr Magallanes and his father quickly decided to evacuate the family once they realised the river 800 metres away had burst its banks.

With the help of an older brother, Mr Magallanes tied a string around his waist and attached it one-by-one to his three younger siblings, whom he took to higher ground. Then he came back for his parents.

But Mr Magallanes, a strong swimmer, decided to go back for neighbours trapped on rooftops.

He ended up making many trips, and eventually saved more than 30 people from drowning, witnesses and survivors said.

Tired and shivering, Mr Magallanes was back on higher ground with his family when he heard Ms Penalosa screaming as she and her baby were being swept away on the polystyrene box they were using in an attempt to cross the swift currents.

He dived back in after the mother and daughter, who were already a few metres away and bobbing precariously among the debris floating on the brown water.

"I didn't know that the current was so strong. In an instant, I was under water. We were going to die," said Ms Penalosa, her eyes welling with tears and voice choking with emotion.

"Then this man came from nowhere and grabbed us. He took us to where the other neighbours were, and then he was gone," Ms Penalosa said.

Ms Penalosa and other witnesses said an exhausted Mr Magallanes was simply washed away amid the torrent of water.

Neighbours found his body on Sunday, along with 28 others who perished amid Manila's epic flooding. The official death toll stands at 100 with 32 missing.
Standing next to his coffin, Mr Magallanes' parents paid tribute to their son.

"He always had a good heart," said his father, Samuel.

"We had already been saved. But he decided to go back one last time for the girl."

His mother, Maria Luz, wept as she described her son as incredibly brave.

"He saved so many people, but ended up not being able to save himself."

copied from: http://www.theage.com.au/
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Here's the list of my personal qoutes:
1. I should love myself first because i can only give what i have in my own self.
2. Expectation ruins everything, so i don't need to expect, i just have to believe.
3. I can't dictate the course of the wind but i can always adjust my sail.
4. Determination will always play a vital part in achieving my dreams.
5. What i decide today will affect my tomorrow.
6. Pray hard, it works!
7. Live in reality not in fantasy land.
8. Friends may come and go but my family will stick to my side and will accept me for who i am.
9. Love your work like there's no other job in the whole universe.
10. Life is a puzzle but how to solve it lies in our own hands.
note: image taken from google
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Ang pagbuklat
Ng bawat pahina
Ng aking sinulat

Ang bungad ay masaya
Puno ng pag-asa
Ang bawat taludtud,
Emosyong sanga-sanga,
Sa takipsilim

Ang indayog ng bawat kabanata,
Sinasabayan ng musika,
Mabagal o mabilis na tempo,
Kakayanin, hindi tatakbo.

Ang tangkay ng dahon,
Katulad ng kandilang
Naupos sa aksaya

Saklaw ng pahina
Ang banayad na ligaya
Ang lalim ng kirot
Ng pusong umasa

Luha'y mistulang tinta
Sa papel na hawak
Kusang dumadaloy
Sa impit na paghinga

Ang pahina ng buhay
Tuloy ang pangungusap
Iba't ibang bantas ang gagamitin
Ang tuldok ay malayo pa.
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I have plenty of disappointments, eventual achievements and many lessons learned. Today when i woke up i tried to listen to the absolute confidence voice with in me. It's been almost half a year that i live in shadow. Maybe, i'm also in denial. I ignore the truth for it hurts me so much. I put a different image in my mind and from there i created a different scene. Wishful thinking provides significant changed but it never last.

I devoured every books i could lay on my hands to enhance my knowlege in dealing with my broken heart. Dr. Phil Mc Graw, Joyce Meyer, Mitch Albom so many to mention author yet i arrived empty handed. It only helped to relax my mind but the truth on these matter i always go back to the first step. I felt totally disconnected with my body, like my mind has its own world and my heart wants a different environment too.

I was deceived and humiliated in a very lowest form i could imagine but has given forgiveness easilly. Is it because i love the person so much or because i was raised not to entertain madness in my heart? Is it really wrong to get mad? I always keep mum and stay patient even if its suffocates me because hiding my real ordeal give me sense of assurance that i am capable of moving on. But the sad part i forgot the sense of leaning on to somebody. I shut them out in my system for i dont want them to be part of my burden but as my Mama told me, they too can feel the pain. The more i kept it from them, the more i remain powerless to unload my burden.

It just got to the point where i needed to choose and sometimes there isn't a way to compromise. Broken promises and selfish embraces affects my entire existence. My mind was stuck and stunned. I stared myself in a mirror, bewildered. I am trying to understand why my steps remain unsteady. The wide open path in my front confused me futher.

Yes, it is a truth that i'm still hurting but its also a naked truth that i made my first step in closing the door. I did the first move not the other way around. I remembered vividly the promises i made too but i have no option only to break and unlock the chain that put me in imaginary cell.
I don't want to escape and run anymore. I will face it head up high. I'm tired of pretending, tired of waiting for you to change. Sure, its not easy, it doesn't happen overnight but i believe it will come. Acceptance is the key to find my purpose in life and determination will get me there in the rainbow. (hahaha) Today, i am my own master!

The rainbow is waiting. I knew this time around its for real. I will continue chasing my destiny untill time comes i can say, FINALLY I AM HOME!
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Hindi ka man lubos na kakilala,
Munting handog sanay mabasa,
Mula sa puso nakikiisa,
Dalangin gumaling ka na.

Naghahangad buhay mo'y dugtungan pa,
Palawigin at ipagkaloob Niya,
Nang sa gayong magabayan ang pamilya,
Sa Paskong darating kayo'y maging masaya.

Wala man kaming maitulong sa ngalan ng pera,
Hindi man ako makabigay ng sapat na halaga,
Ngunit taos pusong panalangin, ang maggigiya,
Mga nakapaligid hipuin nawa Niya.

Sa Diyos ika'y magtiwala,
Walang imposible sa May Lumikha,
Kanyang kapangyarihan walang kapara,
Itaas at isuko, manalig sa pagmamahal Niya.
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Saan dadalhin ng mga paa
Sa harapan nakahilera,
Ang pasakit,
Ang pagnanasa.

Isip tuliro,
Nangungutya ang diwa,
Kinukutkot ang saya,
Ng tigmak na pag-asa.

Sa isang pagpapasya,
Ang daan kumitid,
Naging baku-baku,
At nabulid sa dusa.

Naghihikahos na kalooban,
Kinikitil ang gintong butil,
Tinatabunan ng mapangahas,
At ganid na pagmamaniobra.

Sa daan makikita,
Ang madlang dilat ang mata,
Namamalimos ng konting awa,
Sa kapwa aninong masama.

Sa isang banda,
Isang salo-salong hudyat ng simula,
Masaya ang halakhak,
Ng maskarang lumuluha.

Subalit batingaw ng kampana,
Dumagundong sa memorya,
Tamang daan mahirap,
Ngunit itutuloy ang paghakbang...

Aabangan ang susunod na kabanata!
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for i am defeated,
do not frown in my pain,
just smile on your own.

my misery is mine alone,
do not pretend to care,
because love is behind repair.


sing the song you used to sing,
hurry for my heart is changing,
take the chance while i'm listening.

the lyrics are not the same,
even the tune is not a music to my ears,
but a knife that keeps me bleeding.


i won't dance now,
for your steps are different from mine,
rather i'll be your audience for the last time.

i am saving my last dance,
don't ask why?
just go ang never ask a chance.
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Tsai family, lahat ng anak na yan sa USA na nakatira. Ipinagkatiwala nila sa akin ang pag aalaga sa nanay nila.

5 yrs ko siyang inalagaan. Lahat ng responsibilidad sa akin nakasalalay. Sa kamay ko siya nawalan buhay, hindi ko siya pinandirihan, inaring tunay kong magulang.

Matatawag ba akong mukhang pera dahil sa pagluwas ko ng Pilipinas? Noong nawala siya binigyan ako ng kanyang pamilya ng pamana, enough reason para 'wag na ako bumalik sa Taiwan at mamuhay ng maayos sa ating lugar. Ngunit bakit ako andito?

2nd patient ko untill now, cancer patient. Taken in ICU.

Bakit ako bumalik? Dahil sa kanya, may binitiwan akong salita na ako rin ang mag-aalaga at mag-aaruga. Kung pera ang dahilan makakahanap sila ng de kalidad na nurses or caregiver na kalahi nila mismo para mag-alaga sa kanya ngunit bakit ako ang kanilang pinili, isa lang dahilan PAGMAMAHAL na pinakita ko sa kanilang magulang.

Anumang okasyon na pupuntahan ni Yiyeh kasama ako lagi. Never ko naramdaman ang maging outcast sa kanya.

Itinuring nila akong hindi iba, totoong kapamilya.

Ang hirap iwan ng pamilyang iyong minamahal, hindi rin madali talikuran ang trabahong iyong nakasanayan at mas napakahirap isantabi ang nakagisnan mong prinsipyo sa buhay. Ito ang mga unang pagsubok sa yugto ng pagiging OFW.

Lagyan nating ng sustansiya ang isinulat na artikulo. MUKHANG PERA, yan ang salita na umukilkil sa kanyang imahinasyon. Sige, aminin na rin natin na lumuwas tayo para sa pera at para lang magkapera. Ang tanong ko ngayon makatwiran bang ilagay iyon sa kanyang blog?

Lahat ng lumuluwas ng bansa may mga pangarap na gustong maabot, mga bagay na gustong maibigay sa kanilang minamahal at para sa maunlad na kinabukasan. Sa unang salta mo sa abroad ang nasa isip mo pamilya, pamilya, pamilya. Kaya mong ibuwis ang buhay para sa kanila, kaya mong kalimutan ang pansariling kaligayahan kung ang kapalit noon ang katuparan ng kanilang pangarap.
Personally, bakit ba ako nag abroad? dahil gusto kung mabigyan ng magandang edukasyon ang kapatid ko at mga pamangkin. Magkaron ng disenteng tirahan, at makatulong aking magulang. Naabot ko na siguro iyong goal ko para sa kanila ngunit bakit andito pa rin ako sa labas ng bansa?

Hindi na pera ang dahilan kundi pagmamahal sa pasyenteng aking inalagaan. Sa tagal ng oras at panahon na ginugol ko sa kanya itinuring ko ng tunay na pamilya. Hindi na salapi ang rason bakit ako andito sa Taiwan kundi pagtupad sa pangakong aking binitiwan na mananatili ako sa tabi nya hanggang siya ay pumanaw. Ang aking inaalagaan ay isang kanser patient, anytime pwede siya mawala. Pagmamahal ang nangingibabaw bakit ako nanatili hindi pera.

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