The Bucket List

I watched a movie The Bucket List, starring Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman. It makes a lot sense to me.

" It's difficult to understand the sum of a person's life. Some people will tell you it's measured by the ones left behind. Some believed it can be measured by faith. Some say by love. Other folks say life has no meaning at all."


"I believe that you measure yourself by the people who measured themselves by you. What i can tell you for sure is that by any measure....... people manage to wring out of a lifetime."

"When their soul got to the entrance to heaven the God asked them two questions. Their answers determined whether they are admitted or not"

"Have you found joy in your life?"

"Has your life give joy to others?"

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napanood ko rin yung Bucket List and I must say that it has a good moral lesson to all of us.

Happiness is a state of mind. Yun ang natutunan ko.