I read a lot. It started in my very young age until it becomes my hobby, my everyday way of life. My day starts reading/scanning The China Post Newspaper (the most read english newspaper in Taiwan). I won't settle for a day unless i know what's going on around the globe. I am so observant (as Yiyeh keeps telling me, i am his current events anchorwoman. lol)

Definitely reading taught me a lot, from a little info to variety of complicated ones. Books has magic when i have it in my hand. Reading build my self steem too, kinda my stress reliever when the world collide in my shoulder. Any kind of books piqued my curiosity, when i saw the cover for the first time, beneath the exterior i want to dig more especially if it's having a buzz in the media and high profile people. One of my "mentor" in buying books/novels/ is the Oprah Winfrey Book Club. All the suggested reading materials are worth buying, and worth reading.

The down side of being addicted to books, magastos! Emotionally, nadadala ako. Sometimes, i don't want to be disturb when i am hooked to what i read and tend to be anti-social as they called it. One particular moment was when the twilight saga exploded. I wasn't aware of the story and had no planned in reading but when it became a sensational in the internet, i purchased the 4 novels and mesmerized by the love story. I couldn't stop, untill i finished it. And i read it all over again.

My newly purchased novel. I was teary eyed after i read the The Last Song. Nicholas Sparks really one of the best writer. He writes like you can imagine everything and be carried away by the simple words he used but so powerful and has magic in it's own way. Out of 14 novels he wrote, i'm missing one in my possesion " The True Believer".

The remaining novels in my room. I sent already all my collections back home.

One book that really help/inpires me "THE AMAZING RESULTS OF POSITIVE THINKING by Norman Vincent Peale". One of my fave of all time. I was in high school when i received a gift from my teacher, although i didn't have it now because someone borrowed and never returned it back. (naghahanap pala ako nito sa gustong magregalo, sana mabasa niya. lol!)

My fave authors:
Sidney Sheldon - Morning, Noon and Night, The Sands of Time, Bloodline
Nicholas Sparks - i loved almost everything of his novels
Mitch Albom - Tuesdays with Morrie
Khaled Hosseini - The Kite Runner, A Thousand Splendid Suns
Jane Austen - Pride and Prejudice
Alan Patton - Cry, My Beloved Country
Gabriel Garcia Marquez - One Hundred Years of Solitude
Dan Brown - Da Vinci Code (curiosity really bit me)
Jodi Picoult - My Sister Keeper, Keeping Faith and Handle with Care
Arthur Golden - Memoirs of a Geisha
Rick Warren - The Purpose Driven Life

I can put many names in my list but they're the ones who really came to my mind. By the way who can't remember JK Rowling of Harry Potter, Stephanie Meyer of Twilight Series, C.S Lewis of The Chronicles of Narnia and Stephen King.

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mahilig din ako sa books.. nagpapalitan kami ni MPoy ng libro para makarami. hihihi

the past two months na sobrang naging toxic ako with PEBA hindi na ko halos nakakapagbasa.. kaya etong january, sabi ko goal ko makatapos kahit 10 books, kaso di ko nareach.. mag end na ang january pero 5 pa alng ang natapos ko. hihihi


:( wlang name/url option hayssss

yanah, ako dn my gnyang new year resolution pero at least 4 books/novel every month. so far natupad ko for the month of january.


Aha, nakita ko yung isang book mo na nasa picture is by Mitch Albom. Siguro na-hook ka dahil sa Tuesdays with Morrie niya 'no? :)

If you are into that kind of story, I also recommend The Twelfth Angel by Og Mandino (if you haven't read it yet).

Gandang araw, Ms. Bhing!

Ay, gagayahin ko siya Yanah kasi walang URL option itong comment field mo. Kaya ilalagay ko na rin dito ang URL ng blog ko hehehe. http://nortehanon.com

@nortehanon,yeah nagustuhan ko kc ung tuesdays w/ morrie pero nabasa ko lahat ng sinulat niya so far iyon lng ang nagustuhan ko :)

have a nice day!

nice thing.. good for you. i wish to have those, but even if i really want to, i just can't spare a time for these. =)

Wow! Galing. Kung anong sipag mo ay siyang tamad ko naman. Pero I love reading stuffs at the internet - gaya ngayon I am blog hopping.

God bless.

ung utol ko, madaming uwi na books, natatandaan ko si sidney sheldon.. ate, hindi kasi ako mahilig magbasa ng books.. hehe, pero nagbabasa ako ng mga articles lang.. like sa mg blog, sa newspaper.. lalo na sa opinyon section.. dun ang aking hilig.,, kaya siguro most of may entry is BIRA or patama sa ugali ng tao at sa nangyayari sa pulitika..

ay hindi na related hahaha.. sorry naman...

nice atekoy.. :)

@ noel, nagpapahalata lng ako na hindi busy sa wrk. haha!


@ Istambay, wow! pahiram nmn kc iyong iba dk pa nababasa :)

ok lang pumuna, lagi n akong nasa page mo :)

atekoy, nagtataka lang ako at hindi naguupdate sa list ko ung url mo.. kaya minsan hndi ko namamalayan na may new entry ka...

salamat atekoy, palagi na din ako dito s bahay mo.. galing po ksi ng entry... hilig ko din po maghimay ng mga salitang may pinaghuhugutan o may malalim na ibig ipakahulugan...

salamat muli atekoy.. cchheerrzz

@ istambay, dk rn alam. yn dn sinsabi nila sa akin hindi dw nag updates :(

nicholas sparks and mitch albom the best :D

@ Bino, nicholas sparks the best in love story and family complications.

Mitch Albom, nabasa ko lahat ng gawa niya so far ang nagustuhan ko ung tuesdays with morrie.

hongoling naman!

meron akong jodi picoult book "nineteen minutes" ang title, lagi akong inaantok kapag binabasa ko!!! hahaha, kaya hanggang ngaun di ko pa tapos, ayun nasa pinas na!!!

Tuesday with Morie din ang pinakadabest na Mitch Albom books na nabasa ko...

Happy weekend ate!

@rhyckz, bakit ka inantok??? d mgnda.basahin mong novel niya na handle with care maganda iyon :)

happt weekend dn :)

The day people will stop reading is the day everything else will stop, like a house of cards pinned down by its own weight.

@ splice,thanks for visiting.added you in my blogroll.

andami mong books na binabasa, isa ka din palang book lover. :D

salamat po sa pagdaan nio sa aking blog.

@ khantotantra, hayaan mo dadalaw ako lagi sa blog mo:)

tnx dn sa pagbisita :)