Food Trip Part 1

What: Food Trip (Taipei Thai Restaurant)
Where: Mingsheng East Road
When: February 16, 2011

As my days in Taiwan near to ends, Yiyeh want me to partake in a “different” journey. One of the things we really enjoyed together is food. We’re always excited to try a new cuisine and have an enjoyable conversation in the table. Our taste buds are almost alike. He wanted me to remember the places and restaurants I like the most.

February 6, 2011:

We went to Thai Taipei Restaurant at Minsheng East Road downtown Taipei City. The ambience is very cozy. I love the simplicity yet elegant atmosphere inside the restaurant. The food that I like the most is their sticky fried rice. It’s heaven! The staffs were so cool and friendly too. The moment you entered, you will see the infectious smiles in their faces. They will guide you in the table and give you a hand in assisting Yiyeh. I welcomed it with so much pride and joy when the staffs accommodate us very well because Yiyeh is too old and fragile.


What: Food Trip (Shabu-Shabu)
Where: Fushing Street
When: February 22, 2010

The restaurant is not far from where we stay. The place is so simple but not quite big. What really mesmerized me to go back to this place is the mini library.

The waiter was there quickly to get our orders.

The quality of food was excellent. Very fresh and tasteful.

The food is cheaper than the above restaurant.

The waiting time was about what I've expected.

I’m worried a little bit because I’m trying to control my weight. I told him not to divulge too much in food. He told me I can diet anytime but the opportunity for us is limited so I have to enjoy his company. I guessed it was his way of showing of his appreciation towards me.

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wow! pero hindi pa ako nkakatikim ng thai food.. hehe

never been to a thai resto but due to my course nakatikim na ako ng thai food medyo iba siya sa panlasa ko pero o rin hehehe

gusto ko ng shabu shabu di ko pa nattry un penge!!! hehehe

@ Mommy, lika dito kakain samahan kita kumain sa thai resto :)

@superjaid, gsto ko ang rice nila. yummy :) tpos ung shrimp na hinaluan ng pinya :)

@ Rico de buco, nakakasawa n ang shabu shabu kc laging yan ang pagkain dito lalo pa winter.

ate masasarap ba ang thai food.. parang hilaw na isda ung sa huling pics hehehe.. tama ba?

ingats po