Happy Birthday Mc Coy

(Mark, a.k.a Mc Coy, Empi, Marco, Mr. Bulgor, Mr. Balbon, at madami pang iba)

(as requested, sa pagmamadali mali ung sharing should be share.lol!)

Dear Mc Coy,

Happy happy birthday! May this day always be a special day to remember.I wish you to have a beautiful experiences each new day as you follow your dreams.

Our friendship blossomed/grew in unexpected time.I am thankful and grateful for having you as my friend.Thank you so much for unselfish time and laughter.(sabi mo your a type of a guy na seryoso but you know what deep inside yourself you are a joker. kid at heart, nahihiya lang ilabas) I'm glad that in YOU,i could be who i am. I can talk to you anything under the sun. I wish in return (in sincere way)you feel how fortunate i am for all your time and effort,for your guts in scolding me.(give-up na ate,give up na) hahaha!

I am excited and looking forward in seeing you and the rest of the gang.

Happy Birthday!

Your friend,

Ate/Tita/Lola Bhing (lahat na yata tinatawag mo sa akin, lol)

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6 Share your thoughts

Thank you, ate bhing! :)

Tnt sa "for your guts in scolding me."

ang adik... ganun ba ako? hahaha

tama,kasi feling ko nmn mas matanda ka sa akin.bwahahaha!

ikaw na ang special child na birthday ngayon na may special entry lolzz

happy beerday empi!

@ rainbow box, nag iinarte kasi yan kya ako nmn nauto sa bday greetings. hahaha!

@CM, tama! special child si Mc Coy. laging umiiyak,hahaha!