The Lucky One

List of his Novels:

The Notebook
Message in a Bottle
A Walk to Remember
The Rescue
A Bend in the Road
Nights is Rodanthe
The Guardian
The Wedding
Three Weeks with My Brother
True Believer
At First Sight
The Choice
Dear John
The Lucky One
The Last Song
Safe Haven

"Generally speaking, Nicholas Sparks sets out to write an easy-to-read, entertaining, original love story with a poignant ending, one that generates genuine emotion."

I’m always a fan of Nicholas Sparks writing. I love how he portrays an exciting story and the unexpected twist. He always caught my attention how he delivers the plots, the emotional dramas, and full of surprises to the extent. Just when I thought I knew the ending of the story, he is a master in making the readers want it more and longs for another story to unveil. As usual, he never forgets the reality that there are a couple of other permutations that create roadblocks to happiness. The story is formulaic, but is imbued with a great deal of life. He has the charm to tickle the imagination of every one not only the teenagers but different kinds of people whatever their present state, in love or in heart aches.

1999, I started collecting his books. His first novel in my hand was a Message in a Bottle. I like it so much and had decided to follow his writings. Yesterday, while I was busy finding a novel of Elizabeth Gilbert the author of Eat, Pray, Love I saw the missing piece of my collection THE LUCKY ONE. Some say im so weird because of my nature to be attached in their writings. Once I have a favorite author, I make sure I read all his/her novels. The first author I had completed my collection was Sidney Sheldon (sad to say, I lost some of it because of typhoon that rampaged our place) Harry Potter Series (the last book was sent by Ma'am Suming Tsai while I spent my vacation in Philippines. Although Mitch Albom books I also have in my possesion but I'm a bit disappointed, so far i only love his Tuesdays with Morrie. Ironic, Khaled Hosseini stop writing after his 2 best selling novels, (The Kite Runner novel I considered one of the best). The Twilight Series came from Yiyeh. Now, I am following Jodi Picoult :)

It's my dream to have a mini library in my own house. :)

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12 Share your thoughts

favorite ko yung the notebook and dear john :)

i would love to hear about THE CHOICE & BEND IN THE ROAD...maganda?

1. The notebook
2. Message in a Bottle (fave ko)
3. A Walk to Remember
4. Dear John

movies lng ang napanood ko... maganda lahat :)

The Guardian pa lang ang meron ako. :(

kala ko yung pelikula nila eugene domingo at pokwang, kasama si sandara park...hahaha

wala pa akong nababasang novel nya, pero napanood ko na ang mga movie version ng ibang gawa nya.,..

@ Empi, such a loser iyan pa lang ang nabasa mo? hahaha!

@ Rex, magsama kayo ni Empi. haha!

basahin mo muna so ganda kpg ang novel kc sa movie parang hindi najustify :)

im currently reading (and really trying my best to finish hahaha) the lucky one. ive got the hardbound edition courtesy of PEBA and Book Divas hihihi..

Yanah, maganda ba? dk pa binabasa pag uwi ko nlng babasahin. haha! dpt bgyan dn ako ng PEBA:)

Someone gifted me with Safe Haven recently. Pero di ko pa nababasa. I am currently re-reading some classics, pati mythology binalikan ko haha! So many books, so little time :(

@ Ms. N, ako namimili lng ng mga novels dito para pag uwi ko may pagkaabalahan ako sa aming Nayon :)
life is so simple sa bayan nmin, for sure mahihirapan ako mag adjust sa 9 yrs ko na dito sa taiwan.