Top 1 Again :)

This post is for Yeye! (nagrequest kc na ipost ko ang results ng midterm exams ko)

Emergency Nursing Care - 1.25
College ALgebra -1.75
General Chemistry- 1 (first time ko makakuha ng flat 1) :)
Theoretical Nursing- 1.5
NSTP- 1.5
Anatomy, Communication Skills and General Psychology (i'm still waiting for my grades)

Dear Yeye,

I miss you so much! Sorry if i couldn't spend my sem break in Taiwan. Hopefully, summer break i could go there. I miss your company.

You inspired me, every encouragement, every email you sent meant a lot. Thank you for always telling me how proud you are for achieving high grades. Every word you uttered is my motivation to excel more.

I love you! Thank you for being there all the time!

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hugs to yiyeh! :)

congrats sa yo ate, kung gusto mo ako ang pupunta sa taipei para ikamusta ka sa kanya...hehehhe