With Mr. David Lin (taiwanese husband of Ate Elba)

Ate Rosalie's Family with ate Elba and kuya David

with Roy (youngest bro of my fiance) and EJ

with EJ, he's so sweet.

I am blessed to have them and be a part of their family. Finally, I found a family that accepts me for who I am and supports me in all my dreams. Thank you Lord!

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It's all about my studies.

At first I'm not really sure of my decision to pursue another course. It's in my mind that I am too old to get my degree in Nursing and way behind to excelled academically. Our class started middle of June, I was very excited at the same I felt I don't belong to the group. Come to think of it, my youngest classmate is 16 years old, fresh from high school and I'm almost double of their age.

I really tried my best to fit in. My professors are younger than me too. It's a challenge everyday, i don't want to be noticed rather i just wanted to learn and get higher grades. I am different in so many ways because i did not go back to school to pleased anyone, this is really my desire, my dreams to get a certificate. Unlike of my classmates, most of them get Practical Nursing because their parents want them to follow their footsteps. Some are spoiled brat that has been kick out from other school. It's a way of their punishment. (being enrolled in smaller school) Everyone has a unique story to tell and have their own issues personally and socially. 35% of them has knowledge in nursing, some are BSN and caregivers that shifted to PN.

Yesterday, I felt so disappointed! Our Emergency Nursing teacher scolded us for some of the student behave improperly. It's been ages that i never experienced it. Admittedly, some of my classmates acts poorly, act not according to their age. As the oldest in the class, i felt ashamed.

Results of Prelim Exams

Anatomy Lecture Exam - top 1 (54/70)
Anatomy Laboratory Exam - top 6
Emergency Nursing Lecture Exam - top 1 (69/80)

Emergency Nursing Lab Exam- top 2 (40/50)
General Chemistry Lecture Exam- top 2 (41/50)
General Chemistry Lab Exam- top 1 (42/50)

General Psychology Exam - top 2 (36/40)

Communication Skills- top 2 (39/50)
Theoretical Nursing - waiting for the result

NSTP- waiting
College Algebra- top 2 (30/40)

I'm studying hard. I aim to get high grades. I set my goal, I have expectation on myself that i want to attain. ^__^
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Result of Anatomy and Physiology Lecture Exam. I'm on top :)

Until now, i can't believe that finally I AM A STUDENT again.

Who would thought after 10 years I will decide to study full time. At first, convincing myself is one of my struggle. I'm not confident enough that i could make it but because of the inspiring words from my family and fiance, it gives me inner strength to go on with my plans.

My classmates are so nice. Although i am the oldest in the class, i never felt being an outsider. The different (maybe) i'm more mature in dealing with our lessons. I am always on time, always first to arrive in class. (hahaha)

There's no stopping now. I promised to myself i"ll get my certificate in PN. I am studying hard too. I'm kinda serious with my schooling because i put in my mind this is my last chance to fulfill my broken and shattered dreams.

I know, I'm almost there!
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