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Two years ago it was just a plan, Now it is a reality. I am grateful for Kleng, he is the one who convinced me in studying again, he supported me all the way.  I am thankful and he will always hold a special place in my heart for with out his unselfish encouragement  I won't be able to get through. Last night we had a long hours of conversation, I still feel how he loved and valued our dreams. He still want me to pursue the dreams we built together. It wasn't easy but at least he assured me that I did nothing wrong and he is proud of me.

Every one is asking me now "Bhing, what is your next step?" Actually, I have plans in my mind. I am just waiting for my papers to finally arrive. Going abroad is certain, but hopefully this time around it would not be as an OFW alone. There are lots of opportunities that keeps knocking yet I have to decide on the matter when my diploma is in my hand. Graduation will be on May 30, 2013, I have to finalized my papers by then. 

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What: Batch 1996 Bonding
Where: Robinson Galleria, and Gateway Mall
When:  April 16 and April 20,2013

"Hanapin ang Naiiba"


"Burgoo Logo"

My favorite

"Gateway Entrance"

"17 years has been passed but still we remain friends and single"

With Giselle (Spain), and Lani (Taiwan)

Bawal daw magpapicture na 3 pero todo smile naman sila

Yes, we Can!


"Glad we met"

 Pancake House Robinson, Galleria

A good friend who lives in Spain

True friends

with Engr. Ruby

Sobrang saya ko na nagkita kami ng dati kong classmates noong high school. Ang sarap ng pakiramdam na makasama sila. Nagtawanan kami habang binalikan ang memories noong nasa high pa lamang kami. Lahat sila ay may kanya kanya ng career at OFW na iyong iba. 

Nagkita kami sa Burgoo Gateway Araneta, nauna kaming dumating ni Ruby, sumunod si Giselle at nahuli si Lani dahil galing pa siya ng Navotas. Pagkita pa lamang namin wala ng humpay ang kulitan at tawanan hanggang matapos ang gabi. Kung hindi lang pabalik si Giselle sa Spain baka maextend pa hanggang umaga ang kasiyahan.

I am thankful because I am now opening my door to new possibilities. My friends are very supportive on me.  I am starting to build new friendship and I am now conquering the new horizon.
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Maligayang Pagdalaw Doha

Napapansin ko napapadalas ang dalaw ng Doha sa blog ko. Bawat tingin ko sa live traffic feed merong visitors from Doha, Qatar.

Hmmmm, nakikiusyoso o talagang trip niya basahin ang blog ko. Anu't anu pa man, maraming salamat sa pagbisita dahil dagdag sa aking kita yan. Tell your friends to visit too even your family. You are giving me so much favor in doing so.

Expecting something? Well, wala kang mababasa na bitterness dito. You want to know the truth? I am moving forward and shooting for the gold :) His family will never abandoned me and will remain my family, be prepared to see me in family gatherings. Even if physically I am not present, you will feel my presence coz   we were so closed. My ties with his family is unbreakable and his ties with my family is incomparable.

Live with it!


I just love my new place. I have privacy now. I can do what I want. I am trying to live independently again after years of living with my sister. Nakakapanibago pero ito naman talaga ang gusto ko. Salamat sa tumulong sa aking paglilipat.

Madaming nagtatanong bakit kung kailan nakatapos ako tsaka ako lumipat ng bahay? Bakit kung kailan paalis na ako going abroad tsaka ako lumipat? Gusto ko lang maramdaman ang buhay mag-isa, masyado kasi akong spoiled ni Ate. Kain at tulog lang ginagawa ko, well actually kahit ngayon pala kasi siya pa rin ang naglalaba ng mga damit ko.

To my sponsor, I am grateful. Thank you so much!

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Matagal na naming planong sabay na sumali sa marathon (actually, ako pala ang hinihikayat niya dahil "takbo siya ng takbo") ngunit dahil sa pagiging busy ko sa OJT at pag-aaral hindi ko magawa. Naniniwala na talaga akong kapag hindi plinano iyon ang kaagad na natutuloy.

 April 9, 2013, ito ang araw ng aming simula sa pagtakbo pero di naman ako "tumakbo" naglakad lang kami. hahaha!

 "Hubad na Rebulto"


UP Campus


 "Pagharap sa Katotohanan"

"Landas ng Pagbabago"
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Ate Elba's treat. Happy to have them, I will cherished every moments I have with them. They are very nice and encouraging. I am looking forward to another bonding time.

 I am thankful and grateful because they helped me a lot in achieving my goal especially in my studies. Kuya Rennie's and Ate Elba's incomparable concerns during my busy school days. They relentlessly shared their knowledge and expertise in my case study. Thank you so much!
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 It is not about me. How can I remind myself that life is really about living for God, not for myself?

How many years had I longed and urgently search for true love? It was over, once again I am weeping until no more tears would come. Questions flashes back, question that left unanswered.

Where do I begin?

My journey starts here... starts now!

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 "With great PAIN comes great CHANGE"

I was once again in the middle of nowhere paddling for my existence. I was caught off guarded and shocked but there was nothing to be scared off. I am capable of rising in the storm and making it into a big possibilities. I thought it was the end and the pain will clouded my thinking but here I am standing strong, and better.

I am ready for change. 

My plans has changed dramatically and drastically this past 2 weeks. I am thankful and grateful for everything. I discovered my worth and my inner self. I am NEW ME, fearless and bolder.
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What: Inter Branch Sportfest 2013
Where: Amoranto Sports Complex
Where: Quezon City

 Waiting for the cheer dance competition

 Classmates that eventually become my friends

 The Champion in Cheer Dance and Women's Volleyball 

 Makati Tycoons

 Dream Team

 Winning is everything

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