When we met, I never dreamed how much my life would change, how much your love could touch every part of my life. I didn’t realize what I had been missing. I never imagined how wonderful I could feel, how truly alive my spirit could become.

I will see your place soon!

You have awakened in me my feelings I never knew existed. You have helped me see a whole new world of possibilities again. Because you came into my life, my soul is filled with tender passion and my heart has found the sweetest love I could have ever wished for.

I can't wait to see you. I can't wait to spend our lifetime together.

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 Red Cross shirt 

 Premium Gold Membership Card

 Blood Donation Card

 The essence of giving and sharing

 Happy me

one down, one more bag to go 

I often asked myself, What is my purpose? What is the life I want to have? What are the things that would makes me happy? Kadalasan madami akong gustong gawin na may kasama ngunit sa pagkakataon na ito mag-isa akong pumunta ng Red Cross Quezon City Chapter. Madaming beses na akong nakapagbigay ng dugo but this time around I shared it with Red Cross.

As a person, It was my daily struggle finding the right direction because every time I knew exactly what I want things changed unexpectedly. Perhaps, it's God way of saying trust me more and have more faith on me. I believed there are so many ways to honor HIM, and I want to serve HIM by doing voluntary works. I have to make my life more meaningful, and I want to do what is the real purpose why I am here on earth.

Nothing matters more than knowing my purpose in life.

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You Are My Gift
(By: Gemma B. Comiso)

A lost girl found direction,
In the man she’s been waiting,
She travelled rough road,
But now she is secure.

Her heart is now at peace,
She is pampered with love at its best,
Her pain has been washed away,
He helped him the best person she can be.

His love is now her armor,
His concern is her inspiration,
That in spite of her imperfection,
He remains true and faithful.

Honey, I wanted to tell you,
In words of my own,
You’re the most precious person
That I’ve ever known.

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My planned was to watch the movie (World War Z) but since she had watched it last week we landed on having a feast at Pizza Hut, SM Center Point. We had fun and enjoyed each others company. We shared inner thoughts and she was eager listening to all the struggles (bitter sweet journey) in my schooling. Nins has substance. She has an "IT", her flamboyant personality and witty smile always attracts me. She is well breed and God fearing.

Bought it from SM National Bookstore

Pizza Hut

"Tita Bhing, Thank you so much for today. Please don't change and don't be sad anymore. There is more to life. You're a great person and I am sure anyone would love you. If you need someone to talk to or bond with you, I am just call away. You will always be part of our family Tita. I love you and take care! I am proud of you Tita. Mwahh! "

Gosh, napaluha ako when I read her text message. Ang bait nila talaga sa akin. God has been my witnessed. I am lucky  and blessed enough.

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What: Philippine Animal Welfare Society (Rehabilitation Center)
Where: Aurora Boulevard Katipunan Valley, Loyola Heights Quezon City
When: June 10, 2013

The Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) is a non-government institution in the Philippines. Its advocacies focus on the different issues concerning animal rights and welfare. PAWS is currently active, spreading its advocacies to the people engaging in different rallies, bringing up massive campaigns to different companies and institution, giving stray animals a new home and organizing different activities like formal dinners for fund raising. All PAWS activities are for the welfare of both farm and domestic animals. (PAWS site)

 Philippine Animal Welfare Society (Rehabilitation Center)


 I am a volunteer

 With my friend Marjorie

 I am a cat lover. 

 "Hey, dude! ME first"

 so sweet, nice meeting you Barley!

 Having fun

 My Baby Lemon

 Isn't it sweet? Priceless feeling!

 Where are they?

 There are looking for loving homes! Be their home!

 The adorable Davis

 Population as of June 10, 2013

@Quarantine Area. I name her Gumamela, I have plans to adopt her.

 They gave me sense of comfort and peace.

 Pick me!

 Momay was Marjorie's baby. Passed away last year but the "lapida" nailagay lang nun pumunta kami. You are loved Momay!

 Who is the cutest?

 Lazy! @ natulog in his bath tub!

Please be careful.

We have a visitor, Is there any food for us? haha!

Matagal ko nang gusto maging volunteer sa PAWS pero dahil sa busy scheduled ko sa school and OJT hindi ko nagagawa. I am a certified cat lover. May kakaibang charisma sa akin ang mga pusa kahit anu pa ang hitsura nila o kung pusang kalye man sila wala akong hesitation sa kanila.

Nag-umpisa ang pagiging mahilig ko sa pusa sa murang edad ko pa lamang. As early as 6 yrs old (as far as I remember) may pusa na akong inaalagaan. Sa umpisa ayaw ni Mama dahil hikain ako, bawal sa akin makalanghap ng balahibo nila pero pinagbigyan pa rin nila ako dahil talagang nakikita nila how I adored kittens. 

Madami na akong napuntahan at nasamahan para maging volunteer pero ang karanasan ko sa PAWS ay isa sa hindi ko makakalimutan. Siguro dahil hilig ko talaga ito o sadyang nangingibabaw sa akin ang pagiging pet lover. Samut-sari din ang kwento sa loob ng kanilang kulungan. Ang iba ay rescued pets, at ang iba ay totally abandoned. As of June 10,2013 256 cats and 67 dogs are looking for a homes. I have plans to adopt the kitten I saw in Quarantine Area. I even named her Gumamela. Sana makuha ko siya bago matapos ang buwan.
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Jose R. Reyes Memorial Medical Center (Manila)

Watcher's Pass

Hallway to X ray Department

 View from the 4th Floor

 Overlooking the Department of Health Building

 Krysler (meningoecele patient) Picture was taken with his consent

 Me in my scrub suit

 Blood Mobile, Blood Line

Philippine Blood Center (Quezon City)

Releasing Area

I am loving my chosen craft. This job is self fulfilling and very rewarding in a sense that I am privileged enough and has a peculiar effect not only for others but for my whole being. It created a huge impact in my life. Tending to the needs of the patient always bring joy and happiness to me. 

My experienced at Jose Reyes Memorial Medical Center is life-changing because every I've learned the value of friendship and love. I got the chanced in saving my patient's life by donating my own blood. Walang katumbas na saya ang naramdaman ko sa mga oras na iyon. It feels like iyong buhay ko ay may direction at purpose. Naramdaman ko din ang pagkakaiba ng pribado at pampublikong hospital. It's depressing but as a nurse I have to composed myself and act on professional manner. Emotions were mixed especially that JRRMMC is a public institution. I was used to private scenario in JRRMMC, it was different.

My patient case is Nasoethmoidal Meningocele and Club Foot. He is 17 yrs old from Zambales. It is an inborn abnormalities. According to Mayo Clinic site Clubfoot describes a range of foot abnormalities usually present at birth (congenital) in which your baby's foot is twisted out of shape or position. In clubfoot, the tissues connecting the muscles to the bone (tendons) are shorter than usual. The term "clubfoot" refers to the way the foot is positioned at a sharp angle to the ankle, like the head of a golf club. Clubfoot is a fairly common birth defect and is usually an isolated problem for an otherwise healthy newborn. Nasoethmoidal Meningocele is a mass in the base of the nose which exist between nasal bone and nasal cartilages.

Before the operation he was advised for NPO (nothing by mouth). June 17, 2013 @ 7am the patient was brought to the OR, lasted for 3 hours and 5 hours at the recovery room. He was transferred in his ward at 3pm. The patient was conscious and very aware. The first thing he asked was to have water but he wasn't allowed yet. First night after the operation he was asleep most of the time and for the 2nd day he talked about his experienced in the OR (how does it feel to be there, what was his fear before the operation, complains a lot about the catherization, how his body became numb when the anesthesia was inserted and etc.)

This job offered me a good salary, since his mother is my friend and Taiwan I've decided not to get a penny. I want it to be a voluntary work since I had an allowance and a dorm to lived, it was an easy job for me. His mother showered me with gifts, perfume, make up kit, 3 sets of scrub suit more than enough in the salary I've supposed to get. 

Yesterday was my last duty, because I had a prior commitment that can't be put on hold. It was my job interview and qualifying exam (lucky me, I've passed. Mag-aantay na lang ako ng tawag para magsimula) Pagdating ko sa bahay from work, binuksan ko ang aking bag to my surprised Vicky did still gave me a salary. It was more than I could imagined. God really is great. HE works in unexpected way. 

" The importance of things can be measured by how much time are are willing to invest in them. The more time you give to something, the more you reveal its importance and value to you. If you want to know a peron's priorities, just look at how they use their time. Time is you most precious gift because you only have a set amount of it. You can make more money, but you can't make more time. When you give someone your time, you are giving them portion of your life that you'll never get back. Your time is your life. That is why the greatest gift you can give someone is your time. Whenever you give your time, you are making a sacrifice and sacrifice is the essence of love"  (The Purpose Driven Life)

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I Love You

Tonight I will shout to the world how lucky I am to have you. I would really love to say this in person while holding you tight in my arms and gazing into your eyes. But since we are physically separated by miles of emptiness, this expression must come in the form of letters such as this. I miss the thrill of having someone at my side.

 If right at this moment someone would ask me to describe my idea of perfect man, or perfection with out any doubt I would begin describing you because in you I found the perfect blend of everything that I was looking for in a man. You are caring, attentive, loving and protective, all the things that make you a person I want to spent my life with you.

There's nothing I look forward to more than spending the rest of our lives together. I love everything about you, from your indifference to your insanity. I can't even begin to fathom my life without you. I can see myself growing old with you. You are the driving force behind what makes me complete and satisfied in everything I have. I learned to be more appreciative now. Your humbleness makes a great deal to me especially the simplicity of your life. You are there when the world collides in my shoulder, when every thing seems not right, and when every one has something to say against me but you give me comfort and security. For that you had given me assurance that no one has ever provided. I have no other that I could hold on to like I hold on to you.

I will wait for you. Thank you for inspiring me every day. You understood me so well and knew exactly what i wanted. With you Honey I believe in the magic of love, in the magic of being able to talk through hours of silence and even though we might not say anything our hearts our totally in sync and they know exactly what things are like.

I love you more than I ever imagined I could love anyone. The longer I am away from you, the stronger is my yearning to be with you. Until that moment arrives, I send to you across the miles, my tender love, my warm embrace and my most passionate kiss. I love you so much!

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New York

Thank you!

Thank you!

... for giving me a chance to grow in His love
... for inspiring me to become a better person
... for sharing your wisdom and knowledge

You are my world right now
At this very moment I want to hug you

... soon, I'll see you New York!
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What: Graduation Day
Where: Philippines International Convention Center (PICC)
When: May 30, 2013

 The Big Day

 The Graduate

 Proud graduates with their family

 The friendship

 Inside the PICC Plenary Hall

 with my loving Ate


 The Venue

 The Emcee

 Getting my Diploma

 The armor for better future is in my hands

 Big Bosses with the school endorser Aiza and Kris Bernal

 Handling the certificate for Academic Excellence 

 Fulfilling feeling

 I have to say " This is for Kleng for his support and undying love"

 Priceless Moment

 This is now my prized 

 with Jerome and Kim

 with the school director Mr. Romy Hipolito together with Liz, Pebe and Kim

 with newly appointed school director of SASN Mandaluyong and SASN Makati registrar Ms. Judith Dayrit

 the usherettes

 with Jinkee

 in front of PICC 
Good Friends
 The Warriors

 with Mr. Jarold (former SASN Makati School Director)

Isa ito sa pinakamasayang araw na kabanata ng buhay ko. Hindi ito magiging realidad kung hindi sa tulong ng mga mahal ko sa buhay. I will be forever indebted and grateful to Kleng and for his family. Siya ang dahilan bakit nabuo at natupad ang pangarap na ito. Para sa kanya ang diploma at medalyang nakuha ko. Sapat na sa aking patuloy kung naririnig sa kanyang labi na proud siya at hindi nasayang ang paghihirap at sakripisyong kanyang ginawa.

 Sa bumubuo ng PEBA at Isang Minutong SMile, maraming salamat po. Kay Kuya George, Sir Kenjie Solis, Shiela, Pete, Leny, Jocelyn, Charlie, Mark Paulines, Bino Bautista, Madz, Rose Marie, salamat sa pagtitiwala at mga advises.

For Yeye and for his family. Thank you so much. His family never abandoned me in spite that I no longer works for them. They supported me too (financially and emotionally) My deepest thanks!

Habang umaakyat ako sa entablado, walang mapagsidlang saya ang aking naramdaman. Nadama ko ang tagumpay na sa kabila ng hirap na aking pinagdaanan natupad/ nagawa kung tuparin ang aking mga minimithi.  Sayang nga lang wala si Mama dahil nasa bicol ngunit alam kung masayang masaya siya sa akin. For my Ate Gina and little sister Gemmalyn Comiso, thank you for being my strenght kapag nanghihina na ako. To my alma matter and professors, thank you so much.  

To Warriors Pebe, Kim, Ruth and Princess. You made my stay in SASN a memorable ones. Thank you for fighting in my cause every time my decisions were questioned. Thank you for being my true friends.

Thank you Jesus!

My journey just started. 

The world is smiling with me...

I will remain strong with so much faith in HIM.

With humility and humbleness, I bow my head. Guide me Lord in my future endeavors, mold me and make me your obedient servant. 
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