Oct. 31, 2014
All smiles because Judge Tingaraan Guiling of Pasay Regional Trial Court issued TRO against MIAA and DOTC
 Copy of the TRO
 20 days period

 Manila Pavilion after the first hearing in Pasay RTC (with Sir Lito Soriano, and Pete Rahon

 before the session start

 Dencio's Restaurant @ Roxas Boulevard (Thank you for the treat)
 planning the strategy with lawyers and #noto550 coalition

 Press Conference

 Filing the petition for certiorari

the legal team and the petitioners

I was a long week! My mind was drained and my body was consumed by random thoughts because of series of meetings and negotiation with the lawyers and coalition. We had radio and TV interviews, press conference at Blas Ople Center, we filed for certiorari against MIAA and DTC for memorandum circular imposed by them. Terminal Fee integration to the tickets of ofws who are enjoying the privilege of being exempted in Migrant Act (RA 10022).

Today we felt joyous because of the TRO but the real battle has just begun. Preliminary  hearing is set on Nov. 17, 2014. I hope the decision will favor us again.

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 Senate of the Philippines

 Senate Blue Ribbon

 Senate official seal

 with Ms. Hannah Seneres (daughter of Cong. Seneres)

 #noto550 coalition

 the 16th Congress

 Sen Koko Pimentel and Edward Era Chairman of Filipino Lifeline Inc

 Senator Koko Pimentel with groups who lobby for the welfare of OFW

 busy reviewing the petition paper

The meeting was a success because Sen. Koko Pimentel is supporting our call to junk the memorandum circular imposed by Manila International Airlines Authority to integrate the terminal fee in airline tickets even for OFW. The OFW has been exempted in paying because the law says so. R.A. 100022.

Migrant workers called on President Benigno Aquino III to declare as void a Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA) circular that would integrate the P550 terminal fee into the price of airline tickets.

In a letter dated October 15, received by Malacanang on October 17, the migrant workers groups led by OFW Family party-list Rep. Roy V. Seneres called on Aquino to "totally abrogate" MIAA Memorandum Circular (MC) 08, Series of 2014, saying it violates a 19-year-old law exempting Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) from the payment of terminal fee.

"The circular flagrantly violates the right of OFWs to be exempted from payment of the airport terminal fee, pursuant to Section 35 of Republic Act 8042 as amended by Republic Act 10022, also known as the amended Migrant Workers and Overseas Filipinos Act," the letter said.

Under the MIAA circular, which was supposed to have been implemented last Oct. 1 but was moved to Nov. 1, airline and travel agencies are mandated to integrate the P550 terminal fee in the price of airline tickets for all international passengers, including OFWs.

The MIAA had earlier assured that the amount of terminal fee collected from the OFWs may be refunded upon presentation of an Overseas Employment Certificate (OEC) at the terminal upon their arrival.

The migrant workers groups, however, did not buy MIAA's assurance, saying that it cannot justify a "flagrant" violation of the law.

"Needless to say, the refund will not in any way cure a consummated violation of the law as it would already be a fait accompli. A mere circular cannot amend or disregard a clear provision of the Republic Act," the letter said.

Aside from Seneres, the letter was signed by leaders of 15 other migrant workers group and non-government organizations, namely, Susan Ople of the Blas F. Ople Policy  Center and Training Institute; Gemma Comiso of PinoyExpats/OFW Blog Awards, Engrs. Nelson Ramirez and Bienvenido Lorque of United Filipino Seafarers, Carmelita Nuqui of Philippine Migrants' Rights Watch, Ellene Sana of Center for Migrant Advocacy, Loreto Soriano of the LBS Recruitment, Elso Cabangon of Filipino Migrant Workers Group, Sis. Teresa Evasco of Daughters of Charity Migrants Desk, Luther Calderon of KAMPI, and Ma. Fe Nicodemus of KAKAMMPI.

In a separate press statement, Ople said Aquino's urgent intervention on the MIAA circular is necessary considering that many OFWs are already in the process of booking their tickets home for Christmas vacation.

“If MIAA pushes through with the integration of the terminal fee on November 1, this will likely cause confusion and affect the holiday spirit of our kababayans, many of whom are not even aware about this memorandum circular," Ople said. Elizabeth Marcelo/KBK, GMA News

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A Call from Yeye

Yeye has been rushed to the ER last Monday dahil natumba siya sa comfort room. Akala ko simpleng natumba lang but his ribs was affected. Last Weds he had a operation to realigned the affected area. I am worried because my sister is not used to seeing Yeye bed ridden, the fact that he's in pain add to my distress and agony.

His family is urging me to visit Yeye kahit 2 weeks lang, sila ang bahala sa gastos pero I am torn between choosing to go to Taiwan or stay here in Philippines because my bf is coming on my birthday. Both are important to me. If I leave and spend time in Taiwan, my bf will postponed his vacation. (it also means postponement of my plans) plus the fact my Bf said I need to know who matters a lot. Happiness over utang na loob, Bf over work :(

Today he called me, asking me where I am, what taking me so long to visit him. :(  

It saddened me that the choices I have right now, either way will have an impact with them. I am praying hard, that God will enlighten me in my predicament. 
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The Coalition Against the Terminal Fee signed the documents yesterday addresses to the President Benigno Aguino III, some members are not in the picture due to some engagements. #noto550

I tried to attend every meeting as much as possible for me to know the updates and real sentiments of OFW but this past few days my work was affected. I need to leave the work early, but I am glad the hospital understand the call of my advocacy.

I am happy and learning a lot. 
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The Best Thing

Dear Honey,

I want you to know that you're the best thing that could have ever happened to me in this life. Worth more than this world could give. The one love that could defy all odds. You brought me so much happiness and joy that I can scarcely contain it all. I am sure beams of light radiates from me whenever I go. You are part of who I am now.

You are my sunshine. Every morning calls is a music to my ears. I am getting used to it, I love the consistency you are showing. I love how you inspires me and see the good side of me even if I feel it is missing. It is very strange because even if we are apart, I feel that I am still with you.

With you I am at ease. I don't have to be perfect or pretend that I know every thing but you motivates me to relax and be who I am. This feeling of mine is so strong that I even question my past relationship if that's real. :) Maybe the answers lies on how you value me and how you value your words and promises.

I can't wait to see you!

Good night my love!


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Day Off

Spent the day with Mama. We went to SM Megamall for mother and daughter bonding (shopping, foot spa, facial care, and whole body massage @Dermcare). It was fun. I'm glad Mama is now enjoying the city life.

While crossing the street in Arayat, I saw beggars and elders that caught my attention. It breaks my heart seeing them. The mother (i assumed) was very fragile and thin, she was carrying her baby and asking a penny in every stranger that passed by. I told Mama how blessed we are. 

Thank you God!

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A month ago I started collecting Starbucks icon mugs and tumblers. It is my hobby now. I am thankful for all my friends who are helping me in acquiring mugs. Some are gifts and some are really expensive especially the hard to find icon mugs.
thank you for sending this through our common friend. 

from Kenjie Solis

from Jennifer

 tower of mugs
Thank you Misalyn for giving me Naga, Davao and Pampanga

 from Rosie

bought this for 1500

Ang pinamahal na nabili kong mug ay discontinued mug from Philippines Php 2500. Manila icon mug version 1 (Kalesa). I am a newbie in collecting SB mugs, I have to learned more from other collectors. As far as I know the discontinued mug sold in e-bay was US2500 dollar. 

from my sister

I hope next month I would be able to attend the meet up organized by Philippines Starbucks Circle. I never thought I will be hooked with collecting, just so lucky that my bf is giving me allowance for this hobby. Such an expensive hubby to begin with.

I also ordered mugs to be delivered next month

Expected mugs from a friend
Abu Dhabi

Mugs na naipadala na sa bahay ni Bf
San Francisco

Thank you so much!

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What; UNTv Interview
When: October 10, 2014

 UNtv your public service channel

My OFW Story hosted by Commissioner Wilhelm Soriano

shot from live streaming (thanks to Froilan)

NGO Leaders Ms. Carmelita Nuqui (PMRW), Engr. Bienvenido Lorque (UFS) and Mr. Roy Seneres Jr. (OFW Family Party List) come together to voice out our OFW' stand against the Php550 Integration of the terminal fee at Commissioner Wilhelm Soriano's show My OFW Story on UNtv

We demand for total abrogation of memorandum circular imposed by Manila International Airport Authority

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Starting to count the days again. I can't wait to be with you soon. #25daystogo

I promised to myself I won't be so cheesy in my posting but I just can't help it. I love you with all my heart. Every one is excited to see you again, this time it will be a month. I booked the hotel reservation and plans for our trip together with my family. Mama is still in Manila to finally meet you.

I fall in love with you every day. There is no doubt in my mind that you will take care of my being. I never been so happy in my life until I met you. Every thing changes, you added color to my existence. I've noticed changes in my work, in my attitude and in the way I carry myself.  I am more getting accomplished in less time.

I discover myself more, I love myself more than I pay attention two years ago. Every chat we had in skype I discover more about you, yet there is still so much that I'd like to know. I got excited at the thought that in a less than a month I will have a chance spending more time with you. I will make your vacation as memorable as possible. I love you so much!

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 with Zhai and Langga
 a good friend
 meet and eat :)
 another angle
the long distance friendship

I've known them for almost 8 years now.  Iyah and Angel is one of my good friend while Langga was an ex of my ex. Time really heals! Never in my wildest dream that I will befriended her because of the past. The pain was too excruciating that time and the humiliation was behind compare. God's timing is always perfect, seeing her was a part of my closure from my past. Talking to her is just like saying, I moved on graciously. 

It was unexpected meet up, but I can say it was due. Thank you Iyah and Zhai for being part of the "historical" get together. 

Langga, your sorry means a lot to me. Thank you for allowing me to feel the powerful effect of prayers. I've been praying for this to happen because I want to be in harmony with my past. We may not be as close but at least we are civilized with each other. 

I am so blessed. I believed it is God's way to finally put an end to animosity we had for a long period of time. I am happy!

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 with Edward Era/ Filipino Lifeline and Lei Alviz/ GMA Network (News and current affairs)
 megawatts smile
 explaining to the media why we opposed the terminal fee integration for OFW
 Daughters of Charity sisters

DOLE Meeting
Oct. 1, 2014
The DOLE meeting was a bit different from the meetings we had attended. Usec. Ciriaco Lagunzad made it clear in his opening statement that the main responsibility of DOLE is for the protection and welfare of OFWs. DOLE say NO to whatever circumstances/rules that will hurt/violate and will not uphold the rights of the workers but there is fundamental issue and public policy issue that need to be confronted. The issue with terminal fee integration is technical. Lack of coordination/consultation with involved parties.
POEA also said that MIAA just had 3 meetings with them. They got the letter from MIAA February, as early as March they had dialogue and series of consultation with different groups. POEA shared the data base but with limited access because of privacy concerned. MIAA can only access 1. Name 2. OEC # 3. Validity 4. Name of destination country 5. Passport #.
However, they told us that the technology is not a prefect system. Their experts (POEA and MIAA) are now trying to sync the 2 systems.
Urgent meeting between government agencies POEA, DOLE, OWWA, DFA, and MIAA is scheduled today.
The ‪#‎noto550‬ coalition demanded a press release on their ends because someone raised a sentiments that OFWs are getting frustrated with the fact that no one from government side conveying the issue.
DOLE is willing to give assistance if the group pursue for legal case.

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