Hugged by an Angel

A not familiar number appeared in my inbox.

7:00 Am "Gusto ka daw po makita ni Mama, Angel po ito"

I thought it was just another missent message from stranger. I ignored it totally and go on with my daily routine with my patient. After 15-minute, my cellphone vibrated again, another message from the same number.

"Ate Gemma, makakapunta ka po ba?"

Curiosity struck me, I initiated a call.

All I uttered was "I will try but I am not sure because my off duty is at 4:00 pm and for certain traffic will be my burden going to your place".

It was Angel, my former classmate in my basic competencies subjects. I am not close to her and I don't have a memory mingling with her group. During our class, usually I mind my own business  and put imaginary wall because I wasn't prepared for all the drama's and issues surrounding peer pressure but as their Ate I'm always ready to listen and entertain their concern whenever they need me. Besides, it was my responsibility as a class representative to look after their welfare.

2:00 Pm "Ate, sige punta ka po".

I decided to come. 

She introduced me to her mother. 
"Mama, si Ate Gemma po, iyong nagbigay ng dugo sainyo"
She held my hands, embraced me so tight and cried.

Every 3 months, it is my advocacy to donate my blood to the Red Cross or to the Hospital or even to the stranger. I don't get a chance meeting and knowing the patient in person.

I will never forget my encountered with her. Her embrace was one of the sincerest hug I ever received and her thank you was one of the sweetest words I heard from a complete stranger.

God really works in unexpected ways. He always assured me that I am in a right track. I am convinced that to give back what I have and with what I can is my sincerest way of thanking those people around me who invested in my life. I am "PAYING it FORWARD" all the good deeds once they showed me. 

I will never give up in doing good because it is my purpose why I existed. 

Thank you Lord! 

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Top Achievers

The Team

Top 4 of MT with Ms. Royo

courtesy call before we had our TESDA assessement (Office of Center for Career and Development)

future professionals

Nurse Station 

"Look Up" thanking the Lord for all the blessings

Thank you God!

I passed the TESDA Assessment Examinations yesterday (written, oral, and practical skills). I am now Certified Massage Therapist. Unti- unti ko ng nalalasap ang bawat sakripisyo na aking ginagawa. Nest stop, Department of Health Exam. 

Last night while on bed, napaisip akong ipursue ang pagkuha ng license ko as a nurse. I'll start looking for the review center that will enhance my knowledge and will give me ticket to get my license in nursing. Sumagi din sa isip ko ang magdoctorate in Alternative Medicines since kung kukuha ako nun 3 yrs na lang. 

Doors of opportunities are wide open for me.
My desire to grab all chances that I have is very high yet I have to slow down because of personal quest. I will settle down soon, and start my own family.

for now, I am thankful for every thing! I am grateful for every body who bestowed their trust and lend their hands when my hands were empty.

God Bless!
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Dalawang Buwan

"Darating ang araw, ang tigmak na sandali ay magiging walang katapusang saya, ang hungkag na damdamin ay magiging musikang pinakamaganda. Dalawang buwan na lang kailangan kayanin ko pa."

Magkahalong emosyon, nakakapanibago ang aking nararamdaman.
Malapit na!

Nagbibilang na ako ng araw,
Tinititigan ang bawat pahina ng calendaryo,
Kung maaring hatakin ang oras,
Binilisan ko na.

Madudugtungan ang kahapon,
Magigi itong panghabang panahon.
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 Sea Food Island (MOA)

 with Anntot :))

Finally, nagkita din kami sa wakas.
Thank you Ann for being a good friend, for hanging around, for being a sister to me. Magkaiba man tayo sa maraming bagay ngunit binigkis tayo ng pagmamahal ng pagiging totoong magkaibigan.

I had fun! Matagal ko na rin kasing hindi naririnig ang mga jokes mo. Wala pa rin namang nabago, ikaw pa rin ang Ann na nakilala ko. Our friendship will remain special. 

Happy trip! Sana madalaw kita sa Milan, Italy. Libre lang daw mangarap, malay natin dumating iyon. :))))
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The Kiss

I am not feeling well today. Siguro ito na ang result ng sobrang pagiging busy ko nitong mga nakaraang buwan. I have cough and colds, luckily tomorrow day off ko pero start naman ng klase ko.

Pagpasok ko sa room, si Gumamela at Garfield ang sumasalubong sa akin. Malaking bagay na meron akong pets sa loob ng kwarto ko. Sila ang nakakasama ko at katabi matulog. 


Dear -----L,

I am counting the days now, summer is almost coming! I can't wait to be with you. 
I believed there is no perfect life, that it is entirely impossible to have a perfect partner but unknown to every body you are showing me the perfect one.

You have shown me the harsh reality but comforted by the sweet possibility. Loving you is stress free. I am so relaxed and joyful. What makes me believe that what ours is almost perfect? It is because the contentment I feel right now is far from my imagination. I am happy where I am.

You had helped me maintain an attitude that allow me to enjoy the gift of life. I love you!

Take care!
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A Moment

so tired today from work.
The traffic also added to my despair. It took me 1 hour and a half, I think I dozed off in the jeepney. 
I went to Bacood to visit Kleng's family. Ate Imbay was packing, Ma'am Salud was busy fixing her bags too. At around 7pm, every one was saying goodbye. Ate will go back to Taiwan, the rest will go home to Bicol.

I stayed for a while in the house, had my moment and suddenly I was taken into the "past."
This is the family that loves me, every one likes me. They never fails to show me how much my presence mean to them. Hugs and kisses are my constant companion every time I am with them. Although, things are different now I am still welcome and rest assured of their love and good wishes for me.

Do I have regrets? Definitely NO.
No matter how traumatic and painful the relationship I had with my ex still I have many treasured moments with his family. This is one thing I will be grateful, and someday when I look back I am certain it will put a smile on my face.
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 Ideal Vision Gateway

 Martinez Dental Care

 Gateway CinePlex (Girl, Boy, Bakla, Tomboy movie, it was Mama's choice)

 The family that eats together stays together :))

spell love it means mama :))

Ang ganda ng Pasko at Bagong Taon, pinakinang lalo ni Mama ang okasyon. Halos lahat ng gusto niya ay naibigay namin sa kanya. 
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