Natural Health Foundation of the Philippines Team

smile even if I had acupuncture needles in my ears 

We had a Medical Mission at the Malacanang Palace last February 13-14, 2014. Together with my classmates in Natural Health Foundation of the Philippines we invaded the News Investigative Bureau of the Palace. We offered Chair, Shiatsu, Corporate Massage, Reflexology, Acupuncture, and Ventosa Cupping.

It was a great experienced being with the most guarded place on the country. I am looking forward to more activities in this course.
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 with the CCD Coordinator Dra. Nimfa de Vera

chosen as best in corporate look

 Top One in all modules

 The CCD participants

 actively participating in the topic

 Best Looks

 Flying high

 CCD Coordinator Dra. Nimfa de Vera handling the certificate of appreciation to our keynote speaker Ms. Aviba (HR head @ St. Paul University

Another day to be thankful. I've got my certificate in Finishing Course in Call Center Agents. I was chosen as Best in Corporate Attire by the keynote speaker. What could I ask for? I am so blessed!

I can't wait for our graduation. I am still on the top one.

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 books, books and books
the Natural Health Bible

"Aim higher in case you fall short"

In two months I will have my certificate in Acupuncture. I hope TESDA and DOH will follow too. I will have my sub-proof exam on April. Ako na talaga ang hindi napapagod mag aral. I have an offer too in University of Makati for the doctorate degree in Alternative Medicines but right now I can't decide because my special someone is coming this summer. I will be his tour guide :) I am keeping my fingers-crossed that all the papers will be taken care of as soon as he arrives. I can't wait to be with him and spend the rest of my life loving him.

I am enjoying my studies in University of Santo Tomas. I meet lots of challenges especially during rush hour. Traffic is killing me. I am so exhausted every day but I will never give up.

No matter how hard or tough the road, I won't stop because I believe the greater the ordeal, the more I'll value the results.

Carry on Kulabhing! 

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Super kinilig ngayong araw. Nakatanggap ako ng flowers from him. Distance is not a hindrance when you really want to show how much you love the person. It was delivered in my work at Mandaluyong.

Thank you for being the best boyfriend ever :)

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Just Want You to Smile

Just thought I’d write you a short note to tell you how I miss you.

I can’t control the moment that you are away. I can’t even control our destiny but somehow I am wishing and praying that God will make our best love story.

Life is too short, so I have decided to spend my valuable time with the person I love. I want to spend my life time loving you. I can imagine myself with the rest of my life with you so in love. My heart longs to express my love for you.

You are the gift from God that I have waited for so long. When you come to my country, my family is willing to open to you as you well know.  My home is your home too; I hope you will feel their love and welcoming hands when you see me.

Last night I was a bit sad because of stressful routine in my work but hearing your encouragement was a good music into my ears. When you said, you will do everything to make me happy and have a comfortable life I didn’t noticed that my tears had fallen to my cheeks. You always make me feel I am special. You are my happiness. I see my forever with you. 

I love you so much Honey!
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 How will you meet your challenges today?

Every day is a blessing. When I spend my time with Him at the beginning of the day I become acquainted with Him and start feeling inspired. Starting my day, talking with Him leaves no room for complaints and much room for gratitude and gratefulness. 

"Faithfulness in small things is a big thing"


While waiting for my boyfriend to go online, I got a message from high school friend. She'll be having a despedida tonight in her condo at Mandaluyong. I was tempted to attend because for certain my former classmates will be there.


I decided to stay home because I need to review and focus on my case study about acupuncture. I miss him too,  so I chose to be spend my night with my online partner. hahaha!

Glad I stayed home. I really missed him. 

Dear -----L,

Time flies fast. It's unbelievable that we've reach this far. Despite of my immaturity and shortcomings you remain devoted to me.

I can't describe how much you mean to me. I don't want to make this feeling to go away. I will be renewing our love everyday.

Thank you for showing me how much I have to be thankful for. You've touched my life in unimaginable way. I never been happy until I have you. I can't wait for May to come. I love you so much!

I love you even more. I have been longing to get close to you.

Everything felt so natural. I don't have stress in our relationship. It is hard for me to find what it is about you that attracts me so because all I can see is goodness. I suppose it might be your great sense of maturity, honesty and your charming personality yet nothing can encompass the love you have for Mommy Gwen. Every time I heard you talk about your relationship with Mommy Gwen, I felt really blessed because I am witnessing the unbreakable love of a son to his Mum.

I love you so much!

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Nauuso yata ang salitang kabit sa mga social networking sites o maging mga palabas sa telebisyon may tema tungkol sa pagiging kerida. :)

Paano mo ba masasabi na Legal wife, borrowed wife, or  mistress ka?

Madali lang naman daw sabi ng isa kong kaibigan, kapag kinasal ka sa isang tao, ikaw ang legal wife, mabaliktad man ang mundo ikaw pa rin ang may karapatan na matawag as legal wife, sabi naman ng isa papel lang iyan ngunit nasa puso ang totoong sukatan, at iyong isa naman nag-aambisyon lang.

Saan ka ba doon?

Madali lang naman malaman kung ang boyfriend mo ay kasal na sa iba. Pumunta ka ng NSO, kumuha ka ng CENOMAR kapag may record dun ibig sabihin dakilang kabit ka lang.

Magkano ba ang magpaannuled ng kasal ngayon? Ilang years ang aabutin? Mahabang proseso. 

For the mean time, just pretend that you are the legal wife! :))))

Halos lahat na lang yata na nababasa ko at napapanood sa TV about Vhong Navarro. Nakakaumay na rin.

Mas nag eenjoy pa ako sa scoop ni Vice Ganda sa Showtime.

Ang daming mas importanteng bagay ang dapat na pinag-uukulan ng panahon ng media. Dumating na si Ruby Tuason sa Pilipinas, nsa witness protection program na siya ng DOJ. Sana nga lang may lumabas ang katotohanan dahil nakakapagod na rin ang sistema ng mga anomalya.

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Isa sa magandang traits ko yata ay gusto ko laging may matutunan. I am always desire to acquire knowledge and I look forward to every possibility to enhance my craft. I am now doing my Acupuncture class at University of Santo Tomas. 

Natutuwa naman ako dahil for the first time ako ang pinabata sa klase. My classmates are from different medical field, doctors, nurses, physical therapist, dentist and some are taking a doctorate in Alternative Medicine.

Next stop: Chiropractic.

Since, andito na ako gagalingan ko nalang at bubusugin ng kaalaman ang aking sarili. 
Massage Therapy
Food and Beverages Services

Nawiwili ako ng husto sa school, sa bagong ambiance at bagong mga classmates. Sana makatulong ito para sa pag alis ko papunta ng ibang bansa.

Thank you Lord!

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I need time!

I've always held on to the belief that TIME IS GOLD. Every opportunities and chances I have, I need not waste it. I should grab and enjoy the process.


With my busy schedule, I am always running out of time. I missed some of important moments with my classmates, friends, and relatives. My dream vacation until now is just a dream.


I always do prioritize. I want my life in order. I have notes and organizer that states all the plans I have, things that have to be done and events that I must attend.

I am craving for a lovely date with someone, I am longing for a meaningful person-to-person conversation with the love of my life but right now it is not possible. Distance is one hard factor when you love that much yet the person so far.

The busyness of life and work sometime makes me sacrifice part of who I am, part of myself and in the process I feel fragmented but in those cracks, I have someone who is always brave enough to stand up on my side when all I can see are darkness. He gives me courage and means to mend.

I would like to think this is a common pattern, that I need to conquer for life is a trace of choices to live out the moment of greater clarity when I encountered turbulence. Last night, I felt alone and sleep was elusive. Then in the middle of my "little pity party" I remember how blessed I am. I have a man that in spite of my imperfections he showed me love and unquestionable understanding in my plight. Every time I am down, he lift my spirit and showed me that I am not alone, that God is always there.

This morning, his encouragement echoed like a sweet music in my ears.
 I am indeed safe in his arms! 

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