Vice Pres for Academics, Sr. Fedelisa Portillo SPC handling me the highest award given to batch 2013-2014

This achievement is special because Mama is besides me

There is no greater glory than spending my  limelight with the woman who nurtured me from the womb.

Thank you for being my greatest fan.

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My first time to visit @ Tonkatsu Restaurant in Cubao Quezon City. The waiter that assisted us was very welcoming and polite. The ambience was friendly if you want to be alone because it was so quiet. I waited for the food for 30 minutes.

Since I waited long and I was starving, I didn't enjoy the food as much I want to. I just ate and leave for my next appointment.

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Step with dexterity,
For my soul has wandered off,
I am in a cliff hanging,
All i can see are shadows of unwanted pains.

I want to collect the warmth of summer,
While the sea is calm,
I want to smell the frangrance of blooming flower,
While i enjoy the wind.


The shattered mirror reappears,
The weather's gone bad.

in the midst,
I am floating,
Falling hard.
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Mama is here in Manila for a vacation but we are trying to convince her to stay with us for good. I hope with our persistent, she'll live with us. She's her to attend my graduation rites on July 26, 2014.

This is my opportunity to spend my time with Mama.  

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