Dear Baby,

Let me begin with this notes by saying I miss you so much! If you only know how much I want to be with you. :(

I know I don’t have much to offer. I am not rich. I am not powerful. I am not perfect in anyway. I can be difficult. I can be such stubborn but you always make me feel like the most valuable person in the world. You always feed my self esteem and tell me I am beyond compare. I feel like I can do anything with you by my side. Even if the whole world turned against me, you would stand by me. I’m glad you believe in me.

You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me. You love me for being me. And that makes me happy.

You make it so easy to smile. You make me feel like I can do anything. I will never let you go and I’ll love you with everything I am for all of my life.

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Being Me

Life is taking chances, grabbing all the opportunity you have.

But what if the "gamble" I made affects my whole being? Do I need to be swallowed by regrets? Last night while contemplating on so many unsaid emotions I realized that, my story will be my authentic "movie". No one can ever dictate me nor suppress me to be me.

I made a choice!

I made a pact to myself, I'll be more honest and straightforward regardless of what but I'll be more sensitive in dealing with issues that will affect others.

''Bhing, you are too strong.''

I answered, "did you ever asked yourself, what if you only see the surface but beneath I am vulnerable.''

Behind Gumamela's laughter and smile is the untold story of frustration, betrayal and disappointments. I am standing strong because that's the only choice I have.

Being brave is being ME.
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Lapis At Papel Recipient
(May 10, 2015)
1. Jemm Asher Matheson Romoso (Kinder 1) Little Angel Learning Center Cubao, Quezon City
2. Angel Rose Casina (Kinder 1) Hinag-an Elementary School
Southern Leyte
3. Janine Faith Romoso (Kinder 1) Little Angel Learning Center Cubao, Quezon City
4. Chris Daniel Hamtig (Kinder 2) Little Angel Learning Center
Cubao, Quezon City
5. James Nicole Javines (Kinder 2) Little Angel Learning Center
Cubao, Quezon City
6. Kevin Clynt Cabalhin (Grade 1) Libtong Elem. School
7. Johann Lambonao (Grade 1) Hindag-an, Elem. School
Southern Leyte
8. Gerome Calunod (Grade 2) Salvacion Elem. School
9. Princess Jane Hamtig (Grade 2) P. Tuazon Elementary School
10. Jan Luisa Negrido (Grade 2) Polu Pandan East Elem. School, Negros
11. Kent Lamboonao (Grade 2) Hindag-an, Elem. School
Southern Leyte
12. Trixie Jane Daria (Grade 3) Cubao Elem. School
13. Nikki Mabilin (Grade 3)Homapon Elem. School
14. Julia Marie A. Saga (Grade 3) Cubao, Elem. School
15. Angel Ross Tripulca (Grade 4) Libtong Elem. School
16. Annie Keith B. Capistrano (Grade 4) San Juan Elementary School
17. Joshua Negrido (Grade 4) Bacacay Elem. School
18. Raeven Pilande (Grade 4) P. Tuazon Elem. School
19. Maria Mariz Hamtig (Grade 4) P. Tuazon Elem. School
20. Shane Diana Primavera (Grade 4) Cubao Elem. School
21. Jayde Lazhir Benavidez (Grade 4) Salvacion Elem. School
22. Danica Eul S. Ugat (Grade 4) Saint Anthon Academy
Carmen Bohol
23. Danielle P. Tuco (Grade 4) Sawyer Integrated School
24. Jay- Ar Lambonao (Grade 4) Hindag-an, Elem. School
Southern Leyte
25. Kristine Daria (Grade 5) Homapon Elem. School
26. Kurt Jea Soriano (Grade 5) Salvacion Elem. School
27. Angel G. Pagwagan (Grade 5) Greenhomes Integrated School
Pasig City
28. Jeffrey Mostacisa (Grade 5) Hinag-an Elementary School
Southern Leyte
29. Rey Ann Balute (Grade 6) Molino II Elem. School
30. Leona Andrea Beguia (Grade 6) Maly Elem. School
San Mateo Rizal
31. Harvey Daria (Grade 6) Homapon Elem. School
32. Jerald John Ramoso (Grade 6) Alabang Elem. School
33. Ronan Allen Pangilinan (Grade 6) P. Tuazon Elem. School
34. Kian Drazielle Soriano (Grade 6) Saalvacio Elem. School
35. Dante Cabatingan (Grade 7) Bacacay Elem. School
36. Joemyr Hamtig (Grade 8) Ramon Magsaysay Cubao High School
37. Lawrence Pangilinan (Grade 8)
38. Jay-El P. Javines (Grade 8) Melgar High School
Caligara Leyte
39. Abam B. Capistrano (Grade 8) Bato Rural Development High School, Bato Catanduanes
40. Yerxes Daria (Grade 9) Homapon High School
41. Justin Negrido (Grade 9) Bacacay Elem. School
42. Dave Enver S. Ugat (Grade 9) Saint Anthony Academy
Carmen Bohol
43. Daryl Evan S. Magat (Grade 10)
44. Dexter Erl S. Ugat (Grade 10)
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"Our life is an endless journey; it is like a broad highway that extends infinitely into the distance. The practice of meditation provides a vehicle to travel on that road. Our journey consists of constant ups and downs "

I have stories to tell, stories that provide wisdom about the journey of my life. I am the imperfect human being, full of flaws but I believe I am the perfect creation of God.

I can remember the feelings so vividly, the emptiness, the yearning, the confusion, the lacking, and the depression. They all merged together, and they always seemed to present themselves at the worst possible times.

The simplest things, like getting out of bed in the morning, felt so heavy. The best joys in life, like being with family and creating new connections, felt unsatisfying. Things were heavy, hard, and almost unbearable.
I didn’t understand what was creating these feelings, or what I needed to do to change them.
It sounds like such a cliché to say that one day something happened that changed my life forever, but it did: Everything transformed for me when I decided to focus on creating purpose in my life.
I used to think, in order for me to get noticed I need to give extra effort more than the usual thing I do. I have to excelled in whatever I'm into but as i get older I realized life is not about pleasing others nor living according to their standards but what matter is living a life with purpose.
Living with God's grace!
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 The Taoist Temple overlooking the city

 thank you for our sponsor  :)  inside our room @Quest Hotel

 Sto Nino 

 at the lobby

 tired climbing the stairs (stairway to heaven)

 The Magellan's Cross

Magellan's Cross

 the side trip :) 

 Lantaw Resto (the view was amazing during night)
the reason why I went to Cebu was for the ANZAEPP jobs fair.

 with the ANZAEPP team

Sto Nino Church

First time to travel in Cebu, first time to attend Jobs Fair too. I had fun and memorable time with the participants and host. :)
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