The FOI Coalition
 discussing their angst and frustration from Aquino government for not passing the Freedom of Information Bill

What: FOI Press COnference
When: Aug. 20, 2015
Where: Quezon City Memorial Circle

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 with my co-host Ms. Lou Medina, Mr. John Bertiz and Mr. Lyndon Soresca

I am co hosting the Gabay OFW International every Saturday 8-9pm @ Eagle Broadcasting Corporation. Ito ay isa na naman challenge na tinanggap ko para saa OFWs saan mang panig ng mundo. Mabuhay ang mga Bagong Bayani.
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I was interviewed by ABS-CBN reporter Ms. Apples Jalandoni for the new policy implemented by the Bureau of Custom in which they will open the balikbayan boxes. Madaming umalma sa panukalang ito lalong lalo na ang mga OFW. Bakit kailangan nila buksan ang bagahe samantalang dumadaan na ito sa machine?

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Dear Love

How many times did I met you? but every time I had a chance to, you eluded me. I stop, definitely stop chasing you.

Out of nowhere someone came along...

Full of assurance,
He offered me security.

During that time all I needed was, a man that will stood up on me against all odds.

He was there, he was my safe haven.

Not knowing, the love I felt for you is strong!
Strong enough to for me to let go the good things I had around me.

Now the questions lingers,
Is it possible for us to be a couple?
Do I still need formal set-up when all i could see from your eyes is the love that so strong.

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Random Thoughts

Bawal madepressed!
Bawal mastressed!

It seems the "world" is not listening to my cry.
My friends are busy.
My group are occupied too.

For how many months, I think, years already I never write any negative thoughts but now I need to unload what I feel.
I am tired!

Tired of dealing with so called "righteous ones"
Pissed with a so called friend but victimized innocent people with his "criminal mind."
Hurt by my "idol" telling me to back off, when my only intention was to stand beside the truth.

They don't know me!
But how come it hurts.

I might end this with a bang....
Slowly, painfully.


Take all the blame.
And kill the candles flame!

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