Gumamela's Lapis at Papel Outreach Program

Spaghetti and fried chicken
 Introduction of the Activity

 The LALC pupils intermission number


 sharing the blessings

the volunteers with Sis. Annie
 distribution of school supplies
3 pads writing paper
2 writing notebook
2 pcs pencils
coloring notebook

5th year of Gumamela's Lapist at Papel Outreach Program was held @ Little Angel Learning Center in Cubao. The program started at 9;00 and ended @ 12noon. It was a great experience bonding with the children. They enjoyed the games, bring me, stop dance, spelling contest, trip to Jerusalem, and others. The volunteers had good time too. 

This initiative will not be possible without the help of my friends from other country, my family and volunteers who really embrace volunteerism in their hearts. This year I was about to cancelled the event because my time was consumed in election campaign but my friends insisted to push through the event.

This is my advocacy, my life. Helping others in the best I could do. I may not have everything but I have a pure heart who speaks goodness and offered community service for the less fortunate ones. Thank you Lord for everything!

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