Canyon of Heroes


Visitors to lower Manhattan may notice some unusual granite markers embedded in the sidewalks along Broadway.

The further you walk, the more markers you will see – and they are located on both sides of the street. Each marker lists a date and a person or group of people. But why are they here? The answer is actually located above, on the street corner signs along this path. The stretch of Broadway from the tip of Manhattan, known as the Battery, to City Hall is known as the Canyon of Heroes.

But what qualifies someone to be included in the Canyon of Heroes, you might ask? All someone needs to do is be the guest of honor at one of New York City’s ticker tape parades. One of the earliest parades along this route was on October 28, 1886, celebrating the dedication of the Statue of Liberty, but ticker tape parades really got their start when American troops began returning home after World War I.

Since 1886, those who have made significant achievements, heads of state, returning veterans and sport champions from the New York area have been honored with ticker-tape parades. Parades are traditionally held along Broadway also known as the “Canyon of Heroes” from the Battery to City Hall

Seeing the name of former Philippine  President Elpidio Quirino granite in Manhattan give me sense of honored and proud as a new comer in New York. It was one rainy day, hubby and I decided to visit the Trinity Church and unexpectedly saw the word Philippines. I was surprised, then read it in awed. Wow! Unbelievable.


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