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Cruzan Dish ala O’neal

Today, Oneal cooked authentic cruzan foods, fungi and baked salmon. When it comes to salmon you have a couple decisions to make. First, are you going to buy wild caught or farm raised? O’neal loved to cook wild salmon because it is more nutritional than farmed salmon although it cost higher but for him health

Bonding With My Mentor

IchiUmi Sushi and Seafood Buffet Restaurant @ 32nd  between 5th Avenue and Madison Avenue, NY It was a meaningful get together, who would thought that my mentor (Ma’am Mel) and I would experience dinner in Manhattan, together with my hubby. Its a celebration of life, friendship and advocacy centered goal. Its always a welcome occasion

Baked Chicken ala O’neal

March 14, 2108 Baked Chicken ala O’neal Ingredients: Chicken breast Potato Carrots Soy Sauce Worcestershire Sauce Parsley Flakes Italian Seasoning Whole Oregano Basil Leaves   Procedure: 1. Clean the chicken breast with lime. 2. Marinate the chicken breast for 30 minutes with soy sauce, worcestershire sauce, parsley flakes, italian seasoning, whole oregano, and basil leaves.

How To Make Barbecue Pork

Photo: Gumamela Sa Paraiso Ingredients: pork shoulder or belly- 2 pounds, slice in 1-inch cuts, ready to skewer garlic- 1 teaspoon, finely minced soy sauce- 1/2 cup calamansi- 1/4 cup, frozen calamansi concentrate, or use fresh (from Asian markets) or use fresh lemon banana ketsup- 1/2 cup, from Asian markets (or use tomato catsup) ginger

Brain Foods

In most cases, the food that we eat will be the most influential variable in our health. As we grow older, we are at risk for brain degeneration. According to statistics if you live to age 85 or older, you are prone for Alzheimer’s. This findings is worrisome that’s why at early age, we need