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Bonding With My Mentor

IchiUmi Sushi and Seafood Buffet Restaurant @ 32nd  between 5th Avenue and Madison Avenue, NY It was a meaningful get together, who would thought that my mentor (Ma’am Mel) and I would experience dinner in Manhattan, together with my hubby. Its a celebration of life, friendship and advocacy centered goal. Its always a welcome occasion

Holy Week Quotes

“The difference between the law and the good news of Jesus is not that law is about dry duty and Jesus is about heart-felt affections. They are both about love. It’s just that the law only describes the life of love. The good news of Jesus, when trusted, actually produces it.” – Glen Scrivener “We

Palm Sunday

Have a blessed Palm Sunday… Palm Sunday is the final Sunday of Lent, the beginning of Holy Week, and commemorates the triumphant arrival of Christ in Jerusalem, days before he was crucified. Palm Sunday is known as such because the faithful will often receive palm fronds which they use to participate in the reenactment of

Hibiscus (Gumamela)

I was mesmerized by Hibiscus Flowers in St. Croix US Virgin Islands. It was my first time to see such lovely hybrid gumamela flowers. In the Philippines, I rarely notice large and double petals so seeing it with my two eyes was a treat for me. I like Gumamela, its not obvious my blog name

Ginger Thomas Flower

Ginger Thomas is the national flower of US Virgin Islands. Native to tropical and subtropical America, Texas, New Mexico and Florida, this beautiful yellow flower can be found thriving year round on St. Croix from hillsides and thickets alike. Ginger Thomas is so abundant that it is considered our territory’s flower. Not only is it

Times Square Escapade

According to Wikepedia, Times Square is a major commercial intersection, tourist destination, entertainment center and neighborhood in the Midtown Manhattan section of New York City at the junction of Broadway and Seventh Avenue. Known as “The Crossroads of the World” and “The Great White Way. Times Square served as the early site for William H.