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Identity Thief

“Atty., my officemate commented in my Facebook account that “I’m a whore!”, can I sue her? Another client says, “one of my picture in Facebook was used as a profile picture of a fictitious and derogatory account, what should I do?” The influence of Facebook to Filipinos is more pronounced than any other citizens of

Broken Vow

Broken Vow A gracious hands appear, Gradual vision through my tears, Melancholy music, a shield a light a promise My life i shall command, Can it be right to give my all? To live on, still in love but yet in vain comfort long through love eternity happiness i feel Love me for love sake

Motivational Quotes

Everyone of us wishes to have a good life, successful career, happy marriage, or financial stability. Good life defers from one person to another but whatever our motivation or definition there is one quote that inspires us. Here’s my Top 10 Motivational Quotes: “When you undervalue what you do, the world will undervalue who you

Second Chances

“People aren’t always what you want them to be. Sometimes they disappoint you or let you down, but you have to give them a chance first. You can’t just meet someone and expect them to be everything you’re looking for and then be angry when they’re not every hope and aspiration you projected onto them.

Napagod Na Puso

Pinukaw na damdamin sa tamis ng dila nadala, Pangakong sa puso, iingatan, ‘di maaangkin ng iba, Habang nabubuhay, iibigin, magsasama, Kapit kamay bukang liwayway haharapin na may pag-asa. Kalayaan binigay pati pagtitiwala, Hinayaan maabot ang pangarap na malaya, Kalinisan ng pagkatao saiyo ipinakita, Upang pagharap sa unos ‘di bara-bara. Pag-ibig na pinalago, pinagyaman iyong dinispatsa,