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Thank You

Thank you

Deep thanks from my heart,
A love from mine, a music louder parts,
Underneath my soul, what a good sight,
Happiness I dream, comes vehement of light.

I live in shadow of weariness,
Peace & joy was out of reach,
I breathed fear my future shattered,
Played by rules but fate disguised.

Thank you for everything,
For your sweet smile from time to time,
For your stubbornness that elevate my patience,
For the simple thoughts that makes my day shine.

Thank your for embracing my imperfections,
For making me laugh in times of tribulations,
For sharing thy thoughts without hesitations,
For our valued moment that give satisfaction.

Thank you for standing by,
For lifting up my passion & fallen desire,
For being my shield in life’s unfair grief,
For holding the torch to the uttermost.

Thank you for just being you,
For making me safe in your company,
For being proud of me,
For trusting me even if I’m hurting you,

Thank you for helping me,
For loving my family,
For planning your future on my side,
Above all thank you for loving me unselfishly!

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