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The Reality

Lupang hinirang bayan kong mahal,
Bayang sinakop ng mga dayuhan,
Dumanak ang dugo sa digmaan,
Buhay man masayang kapalit ng kalayaan.

Inang bayan nakalugmok sa katotohanan,
Tunay na paglaya hindi nya nahahawakan,
Nasaan na ang ipinaglaban noong araw?
Bakit ating bansa nakakulong pa rin sa dayuhan.

Everyone of us have the rights & duties in ourselves, to others & to our nation. We deserve to live according to our will, according to the laws of human and most especially according to the will of God. The rights ang the resources are equally given to us. It’s up to us how should we deal in different obstacles and tribulations that might block our way.

The largest part of freedom is making wise and ethical decisions. The ethic of it depends in our willingness & commitment in respecting others rights.

Today we are facing the particular challenge WAR. War darken the future of our generation. Beacause of war we are facing life and death at any moment, fear is our everyday companion. Terrorist & bandits, these people have mentalities that i my self can’t relate. They fight for what they called FREEDOM but with hidden agenda and vested interest. Our government officials uses power to corrupt. They didn’t portrayed as in position of authority & lack of concern in the policies they had implemented. PRESERVE OUR DEMOCRACY, DEPEND OUR FREEDOM” we almost heard from them everyday. What’s really the truth? Perhaps, (in my opinion) they are the first one who abuses our democracy.

We are made of complex thoughts feelings & actions but still we can make this world a nice place. We can show our concern in our fellow individual “WE CARE” and we can assume the role of leadership by making ourselves COUNT. We must prepared to live with principles not in egoism or pride. We must accept readily ang react promptly to all facts not only to those we want to hear but what is right to do. Fighting for freedom means fighting for truth with morale-DIGNITY INTACT.

Sometimes we are misguided by strange emotion, revenge. Life is freedom of choice. We struggle and survive. Knowing the right words by respecting others feeling is the basic part of freedom. We may think very simple yet we find it very hard to do because of our ability to reason out and to know by nature. If we want liberty we should lead the way. It originates in little things. How many heroes fought and died for our liberty? They offered as security & peace. Peace begin with self discipline and sincerity in different form of hardship. Cooperation is a powerful act in order to preserve our freedom.

Too often we blame the number of failures to others especially in the politics but we must accept the fact sometimes we just took for granted the policies ang rules they implemented. We don’t take enough time and we just keep the distance by not making a chance to participate in the issue. We easily develop the habit of self denial and we refused to join the human brotherhood.

For me, freedom can be define as loyalty and devotion. The joy of living comes from freedom ang freedom brings hope. hopefully, we must never stop teaching the young generation the spirit of love, respect and perseverance. They may learn to appreciate the peace and freedom we constantly fight for freedom comes only from knowlegde and understanding.


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