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New Me

I admit I don’t pay attention in my looks, in the clothes that i wear and i hate make up. I live a very simple life, simple wants and simple needs. I tend to be just ME. But after all the heartache and humiliation, drastic changes need to be taken in order for me to grow, to live and move on.

Now, i am learning to take care myself (outside and inside). Meet new friends and having fun with them. I’m not getting any younger, I need to catch up in the lost time. Who knows i will fall inlove again but i am not in a hurry to find love, i am more on enjoying the moment i have in my hand.

I am happy for reinventing myself, for embracing a big change and for knowing my worth. Now, i can say i am in a process of healing. I am thankful for my friends in kablogs ( you know who you are). I am very grateful for standing in me inspite of my imperfections, for giving me wisdom and for encouraging me to find my inner beauty. All of you will be part of my life…

As my family and closest friends say, hindi ka na manang ngayon…. (Lol) The good part of being broken, i lost 6kls in the process. I’m loving it!


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