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At Last

My longing lost in vacancy,All the love you took away,My arms are empty,The sky is endless,In my gloomy nights.

I’ve pretended that you don’t matter,On the contrary the undying love is here,Angst and pain clouded my judgement,But who’s to blame?If fairy tale is in my head.

I’m a lot more scared than i admit,For i want to fight ’till the end,The eyes maybe are all in our sides,Why should i care?If i have your love that what matters.

I want to stare again,In the glimpse of blue sky,Standing silently, patiently,For your whisper is the hope in my beingWishing that it would never ends.

It might be miles apart or just in my side,The fragrance of blooming flowers,The wind that caress me,I believe that you are here,Just stay and never let me go.

At last, I am safe…in my dreams!

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