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Where To Begin?

Crazy feeling,
is chasing my early morning,I am getting insane,
for all the things that keeps on coming,
a mystery of my existence.
I may be falter,
I may be fall,I may be dismantle,I may be broken,But I will fight for the truth.
My heart is beating,Keeps me awake the whole night,Many questions remain unanswered,Yet the unspoken silence,Is the answer i want to keep.

I want to believe that all were ploy,That everything happened for a reason,But sometimes the own reason,Is behind my knowledge which i can’t comprehend.
When i speak, someone will say its a lie,When i am quiet, they will say im a loser,When i fight, someone say i’m too low,When i ignore the whole scenario,they still makes me bleed,Now, what the best thing to do?
For the spirit of good friendship,I will leave the wound open,
Time can tell when it would be heal,I don’t know where to stop and where to begin,But my heart longs for someone who would care.

(Note: photo grabbed from google)

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