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Government’s Plight

Almost everyday problems all you could see,
Enormous government woes, unprecedented challenges,
Tougher rules but inadequate foreign policies,
Plus the battle from own people & the government itself.
Uncertain inflation forecast and economic crisis,
Rocketing commodoties, frightening gas & oil prices,
Communist titans, capitalism & world bank debt,
Nation put in trouble, citizen panic & worried to death.
Anti government sentiments, civil right battles,
Ethnic differences, suicide bomber and middle East extremist,
Coup’d etat, war on terror, & weapon of mass destruction,
Rebels like NPA and Abu Sayaff trigger bloody revolt.
Earthquakes, floods, and other natural calamities,
Global warming, climate change is happening,
Natural resources into verge of extinction,
Illegal logging everywhere, citizen just don’t care.
Sanctity of marriage is being challenge by the 3rd dimension,
Overpopulation implications of complicated desicions,
Artificial birth control is still a taboo in Church organization,
Unemployment & poverty pushes child labor.
Scandal, controversies & legal battles continues,
Health crisis, accidents, ang unbearable tragedies,
Biased justice system, innocents are the main victims,
Ordinary people become poorer but rich become richer.
Politicians bickers in changing the constitutions,
Oppositions dissatisfied results in street protest & power distruptions,
Peace & unity is out of reach because of corruptions,
Democracy is sinking, people are too weary, nation is suffering.

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