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Happy Chinese Father’s Day

Dear Yiyeh,

Happy Chinese Father’s Day!

In my life I never had a chance to meet my grandparents for they passed away before I could see the light. When I am still a child, I’ve envied my friends having to play with their grandparents, in my heart I longs for a person I can call grandpa. It didn’t occur to me that in foreign land I could find such man.

As we talked about my contract, the near is approaching. I’m not sure if I could go back and take care of you until your last breath. You always mentioned life will be miserable when I leave you, I feel the same way too. Perhaps it might be our last father’s day together and your last birthday that I am around. This one year, all the occasions might be our last but I am still hoping fate will intervene to change the course of what we are afraid to happen.

You are a great man. A man full of kindness and generosity towards the needs of others. In spite of the family status, you remain your feet in the ground for that i salute you. You taught me lessons, a handful lesson in life. I asked you once, “Yiyeh, do you believe in God? You answered me in firm voice NO. I was shocked to hear it from you, then you said I believe that everyone is created equal, that GOD is how you handle/live your life in accordance w/ your conscience and good deeds” Now, i fully understood what you were trying to say. Live a life not only to pleased God but because God is with me.

You’re a generous man. I can’t say thank you enough for all the help you showed me. You’ve changed my life.

I will be forever grateful for showing me concern and unconditional understanding in my shortcomings. For being a grandfather to me, for inspiring me to do what I love the most writing, for always sharing me your thoughts/wisdom that I could never learned in school. I will cherish the memories with you.

Yiyeh, you are a family. Thank you so much for everything.

Happy Birthday and Happy Father’s Day!


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