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The Same Hand

I have a seemingly impossible needs today. I long for answers to the unending questions but the question itself is unresponsive. The emotions are vividly and loudly manipulates my mind however i found the alternative route that will offer me peace….it’s my HOME.

It is a place where i can be ME, just me. It is where imperfections doesn’t exist, differences are just a thin line for acceptance and LOVE is the main ingredients to survive.

He loves me even the whole world hates me. He walks with me and carry me in times of troubles. He is always there as my shining armor. He never despise me even in the eyes of so many people i am the worse one. In HIS eyes, i am the image of His grace and love.

One touch of His hands will makes me a new one. The same hand that molds me, the same hands that change me and the same hands who embraced and loved me unconditionally.

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