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Unforgetable Event

What: Taipei County Star In A Million Singing ContestWhere: Banqiao Taipei CountyWhen: August 15,2010
The Interpreters from Vietnam, Thailand, Taiwan, Indonesia and the Philippines Igorot Dance from Philippines (Cordillera Group in Taiwan)

Proud of my country, our group was the most annoying cheerer in the crowd. Even the guest recognised that the Philippines has many supporters. Sarap mang-asar but it’s a friendly competition. Who can blame us? Pinoy ang nanalo 🙂

Before the program starts, we managed for picture taking. For the first, na feel ko ang good camaraderie ng Pinoy dito sa Taiwan, they are hospitable indeed. Sila ang nagreserve ng upuan para sa amin kasi wala sa plano ang pagpunta namin sa okasyon na ito.

One of the contestant was their friends (factory workers). I was so surprised even their Boss came to supports our kababayan.

With the Gang outside the theater.

One of the best experienced I had so far. I enjoyed a lot, laughed, and shout. It’s a way of enjoying FREEDOM. The program starts on the dot, everything will planned ahead of time and the guest speakers, judges, participants, contestant were all prepared. Plus the jammed pack crowd. I felt the guilt of deprieving myself just to pleased someone, but now im in a transition. Having the most of my time. I met my old friends and had a good chat with them. They’re are very happy at long last “nabuhay daw” ulit ako. (wink, wink)

I’m thankful i still had a chanced to enjoy this kind of affair. It was a relief on my part, a cherished moment that will makes me smile everytime i remember. I once told myself taking my day-off will ruin my life perspective but now I am, I broke up from my old ME. This is me now, ready to face the world again, ready to blend in the crowd and i’m quiet certain i am ready to live my life to the fullest. NO hang-ups, NO regrets!

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