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Morning Rush

Natawa ako sa mensahe na nabasa ko pag open ng blog. 🙂 It shows which kind and where you belong. I really can’t wait for next year. I don’t have to worry about the sarcasm and too deregatory term you implied for time will come i can use the name without the judgement of people. Church and state will honor it. 🙂 not only in my wildest dream but bounded by the constitution.

I don’t want to sound discrimatory but i can’t help to wonder. Who’s crossing the line? Judging people, saying names that you don’t even know shows no class. We are all entitled for our own opinion yet be wiser in dragging names because you are ruining their reputation. I feel pity for them, suddenly they are part of a larger picture. Clap! Clap! Is it the drama that you want to unfold or the ego that been damaged.

If you are not affected, be quite. It is the best answer and revenge. As for me, i will shout and will always be proud of my chosen life. The path i am walking has nothing to do with you anymore, for whatever journey i take, it’s my choice. Who is making a fuss anyway? I’m tired and sick everytime i wrote something you assumed it’s YOU.

By the way did you know the text messages of someone related to you, Please help us! Pls! for that i’m convinced i did my part as a responsible partner. I always do even if you don’t care, even if you don’t noticed. Don’t hide in your shadow because financially you depended on me. I became the _____. ^_^ It’s not about bragging in the things i do, it’s about realising that you became my cross yet you managed to flaunt the other way around. Self projection is your forte.

Oppsss might get in your ego again. Sorry! We will cross our path even if we don’t want to. I am waiting for that moment and the perfect time for everything. Have my/our house might as well dwell on it. :))

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