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” I am alright”
” I am okey”
” Nothing to worry, everything is under control”

The truth is i am wearing a mask not because i am best in disguising but because it is the best way of controlling the hidden facts about broken embraces.

” I haven’t forgotten any of it”
” I am contemplating of “something” unforgetable”
” I’ll do it my way”

I am in the middle of one way route. The silence is making me more vulnerable and the intense of uncertainties simply caused chaos. Would i listen to my instinct and follow my heart? Would i willing to turn my back once more to pick up all the scattered pieces that was left barely in my footstep?

” Let go”
” Forgive”

The right decision for the moment is to carry the torch. Other part of my existence shutdown yet the other part has the burning desire to fight. Giving up wasn’t hard, letting go wasn’t hard either but the most difficult was starting all over again when something in yourself dies the moment you chose to locked the door.

” I am here”
” I love you more than they could offer”
” I can promise you a dignified life”
” I can give you a name “

Time maybe tough, i may struggle for a while but the undying desire of someone make the ride worthwhile.

” I lose a penny, i found a friend”
” I was humiliated but i found HIM”

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