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Taipei Cruise

This was the most unforgetable experienced so far. I had a very collossal expections prior to this day and gladly it exceeds to my expectation. I did enjoyed, had so much fun in the arms of my so called love of my life. I love nature, i love the caressing breeze of wind on my face. It defines the meaning of “day-off”. I felt so rested and unwind. The Passing On From Modern Classic To Romantic
In the Pub. We rocked the house. ^_^ A newly found freedom makes my steps steady. Maybe, i am struggling a bit but i love every moments and looking forward to every unexpected turn of events that will shape my life. I will embrace the hate and love relationship of my journey but regrets will never be part of it. I’ve promised to be more open-minded and initiative in all aspect.

Tamshui Fisherman’s Wharf (Chinese: 淡水漁人碼頭) is a scenic spot at the western tip of Tamsui, Taipei County Taiwan. Its predecessor was the “Tamsui Second Fishing Port” on the right bank of the Tamsui river estuary, an important fishing harbor in the early history of north Taiwan.

The Tamsui Fisherman’s Wharf is well-known by its beautiful sunset and fresh seafood. While having sightseeing and leisure facilities, it still holds its functionality as a harbor for fishing boats

Lover Bridge of Tamsui: Lover Bridge of Tamsui, a white-colored Cable-stayed bridge, derived its name since it was started on February 14, 2003, Valentine’s Day. You may appreciate the sunset from the bridge. The total length is approximately 196 meters and the walk across takes approximately 3 minutes.

Having fun with the camera. I had a good time and hopefully will go back to relax and enjoy the nature.
The pier going to Tamsui Wharf.
On the boat, enjoying the breathtaking views and good weather.

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