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Lesson For Today

Learn to appreciate the beauty of today.

Life is always beautiful to those who has a positive outlook, to those who suffered but still didn’t let go the burning desire of HOPE. Life is crazy, life is unjust yet there is a sacred temple called camarederie. Once you learn to be compassionate in the needs of others and be humble even in times that “you think” you have the reason to stay on top the true essence of life will flow.

We learn from our own struggles. We learn from others, we learn from just listening, from using our senses but the most appealing thing is we only learn if we are courageous enough in admitting our faults. We are all accountable in our deeds.

Our actions are the mirror of who we are. We can’t demand respect if we don’t respect ourselves. We can’t expect happiness, if the happiness we are holding was snatched from someone. Happiness is a life long process, it’s not the feeling but the “it” in every circumtances.

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