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I went to Minsheng Chapel last Sunday. I went there alone. The place was so quiet. I uttered a prayer near the Altar and lit a candle. Just when i was about to leave, someone tapped my shoulder and said she was the choir coordinator of the Church. She introduced herself and i did too. Then, the priest came in our side. He welcomed me, his name is Father Joseph. He asked so many questions, basic info and how i cope with language barrier during my first year in Taiwan. He showed me the schedule of his Holy Mass. He even told me if i wanted to have a confession and receive a Holy Communion. All and all the conversation cement my belief that there is no stranger in God’s Kingdom. Where ever we are there’s always a good place which we could feel the grace and mercy of God.

God is really great. HE always came to rescue me, to guide me when i felt i’m not worthy of His love. When doubts cluttered my belief, he showed me the way back to Him. My life is incomplete without God and i am useless and inadequate without His presence. As my mentor said, the moment i admit there was wrong in my chosen life, that’s the time for renewal of my faith. I am more conscious and aware now in so many things especially on being compassionate to others.

God values our response to His love. I used to say “i am blessed” “i am happy” but as i renew my commitment to Him the painful realization came to my senses. I’m not happy after all because happiness will be attain only if i become the instrument of His true love. For sure God doesn’t want me to live in sins and be buried in the things i considered my happiness in which the opposite of His teaching.

“So what happens when you hear His voice? You begin to see that you were loved. You realize that you were set free from sin’s bondage. You found out that God’s mercy and grace has upon you. Your faith made you see that a new you came to be because of what the Saviour has done for you” (from: Rev. Edgar Valdoria)


Sa mga nagtatanong at hindi pa nakakaalam ang Gumamela Sa Paraiso ay magiging himlayan ng aking pagal na kaluluwa, ng aking emosyon, ng sarili kung paglalakbay tungo sa ikakapanatag ng aking ispiritwal na paniniwala. Wala akong instensyon na anu pa man at wala din akong intensyon para palakpakan ng sinuman. Wala din po ako sa posisyon na magbigay ng sermon sa kahit na sino, lahat ng nasusulat ko sarili kong pananaw at kuru-kuro. Sarili ko po itong pagkikipagbuno sa kung ano ang TAMA at MALI sa aking pananaw. Once a week magsusulat ako ng tungkol sa aking struggle/ordeal in terms of my faith.

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