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Welcome 2011

St. John Bosco Church

The reason why we celebrate christmas-the birth of our saviour Jesus Christ

I lit a candle. I’ve asked for His divine guidance in my daily life. I surrendered everything to Him, my mind, my heart and my soul. I will trust Him and i will follow Him even if it means i will have to endure pain and people judgement.

Mama Mary

The St. John Bosco ceiling

The Altar


I went to St. John Bosco Church yesterday. It was a on the spot idea. My planned was to a attend a midnight Mass in St. Christopher Church and we will goto Taipei 101 for the fireworks display but i decided to insist the other way around. I felt like i renewed my vow to serve him with all my heart. I did start a new year asking His mercy and grace. I offered my life to be His instrument to touch people in simple ways. I felt so peace at myself. This is the perfect way of starting a new year – putting Him first above everything.

I do expect, along the way tribulations and trials will comes. That Satan will test my ultimate faith on Him but why should i’ll be afraid if God is in total control of my being. I found the true essence why we are here on earth, to serve Him in the best we could. To share on His cross with no excuses.

Gumamela’s Page will focus on my own journey, my battle against my own demons, my failures, my shortcomings and pictures will flood in this blog. It will be my intimate blog/personal diary/personal journal. I want to do these things not to brag or be the talk-of- the- town thing but to share a inspiring story behind the mistakes i’ve made and how i made it right. I am imperfect but God created me to live “rightly”.

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