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The Gift

I was in deep struggle, something is missing,
Searching for a light but just encountered nightmare,
Tired & weak giving up was my only answer,
Suddenly, out of nowhere u came.

Everyday I longs for someone who would care,
Someone that will ignite my hope and eager to share,
That will embrace me & do something fair,
Who will encourage and whatever the risk he would dare.

Before I go to bed, I’ve prayed for blessings,
Hoping my Angel will put an end to my suffering,
The time is running, my eyes weeping,
Doubts and boredom keeps arising.

My life is empty, it feels I’m nothing,
I live in utopia in day dreaming,
My desire to be love keeps me wondering,
If there someone for me? my hope is fading.

My sacrifices paid off, the courage I muster,
My dream come true, you are my Angel,
You are my best moment, my truest blessings,
You are my shield, the gift I am waiting.


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