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What’s Next for Taiwan and Philippine Row?

The escalating tension between Taiwan and Philippines was blown out of proportion. It’s a hot topic here, radios and television programs are riding on the magnitude of the effects and concerns of every Taiwanese. The February 2 incident in which the Philippine deportation of the 14 Taiwanese nationals caused angered and resentment and put OCW’s on the unbalanced state. We can’t do anything because it is a matter of state affair and the national interest for both sides. Taiwan demanded an apology from Manila and Philippines reiterated that APOLOGY is not needed because they followed the right procedures according to the law. They insisted the ONE CHINA POLICY. ( in that case, as far as I know when a country reason out the one china policy, everything seems acceptable)

Now what’s next? After, Chinese Authority suspended the execution of 3 Filipinos. ( we are very grateful and thankful for sparing their lives and for giving them a chance to review the case). But as a OFW in Taiwan, I have feared that the issue with us will remain unsolved. The focus will not on the benefit of common workers here. It was said the temporary freezing of Filipinos workers, the rules became so stiff that the 7 to 12 days of documents processing will become 4 months, they added requirements too that need money to produce and visa waiver privileges were under scrutiny. It’s a burden for those who are applying to work here and it’s a cross for every family that see hope working in Taiwan. If they can’t make an apology at least be sensitive in the issue. Soft answer to the question asked by media will do because every word uttered on air has a big impact on us. I just hope they watch and read the news with regards on it. The opposition party is using the sentiment of ordinary citizen to get the mandate of the people in the up-coming national election next year. So, what’s next?

Today, former Sen. Manuel Roxas will arrive in Taipei to patch up and ironed things out. I hope and I pray they will come up with the solution that benefits not only the government but the OFW as well. Five thousand Filipino workers and more are waiting because their working permit are temporary canceled. My heart goes with them, for I understand the burden of having a credit in lending institutions. The interest is very high. It’s not an easy job for Mr. Roxas. I’m wishing him goodluck!^_^

The visit will determine the fate of all OCW’s. Council of Labor Affair will depend on the goodwill Mr. Roxas would say. But on the other hand Premier Wu Dyin-yeh said OFFERING AN APOLOGY IS A NECESSARY CONDITION ON HIS VISIT. NO APOLOGY MEANS LACK OF SINCERITY. OUR FIRM STANCE IS THAT THE PHILIPPINE GOVERNMENT MUST APOLOGIZE FOR WHT HAPPENED.


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