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I am sick for two weeks now. It just started as a simple sore throat. I went to my ENT Doctor in Tri-Service General Hospital for a check-up because swallowing was my concern. They had my blood test to determine if my thyroid gland is functioning well but the result was normal. After two days, I came back because I felt it got worst, my Doctor said it was a psychological thing. Knowing me I won’t settle unless I get the clear explanation. They did endoscopy to determine if there was an abnormality in my esophagus. After the series of test, there’s nothing to be worry about. They give me oral medicine.

(my ENT Doctor and Nurse)

I tried not to think and relax but I can’t ignore the fact that there really something bothering me. On the third say I visited my gastroenterologist for (esophagogastroduodenoscopy). They explained that my acid level was very high. They suggested me to go back to my ENT Doctor. As they give me examination they find out my tonsil was swelling. Inflammation of tonsil for that I am convinced because that’s my predicament even when I was in high school.

(waiting area with tv)

(my oral medicines)

They give me the list of food to take and should be avoided. I also do my own research from my bestfriend GOOGLE.

What is Tonsillitis and Causes of Tonsillitis
Tonsillitis means inflammation of tonsils. It occurs frequently up to the age of 15yrs.
Predisposing factors for tonsillitis
Endogenous factors include

■Pre-existing chronic tonsillitis.
■Pre-existing upper respiratory infection.
■Post-nasal discharge.
■General lowering of resistance.
Exogenous factors include

■Ingestion of cold-drinks or food may directly cause infection.
■Contagion- i.e. infection may be contacted from other individual having infection.
■Pollution and crowded ill-ventilated environment.
Commonly responsible causative organisms for tonsillitis are
Respiratory gram positive cocci like, streptococci, staphylococcus and pneumococcus. Of these hemolytic streptococcus has a special predilection for tonsils.

Symptoms of Tonsillitis
■Raw sensation in throat.
■Pain in throat which is aggravated by swallowing.
■Voice may become hoarse.
■On examination tonsils are swollen and congested. Foul breath or halitosis may be present.
■General symptoms like malaise, fever and headache may be present.
How to Prevent Tonsillitis
1.Avoid foods like cold foods and drinks, curd, buttermilk, pickles, fried foods, spicy foods.
2.Eat foods that are soft and easy to swallow.
3.Drink plenty of warm liquids like tea, coffee or soup.
4.Crowded and ill ventilated places should be avoided.
5.Wear a scarf or cover the mouth with handkerchief to avoid smoke and air pollution.
6.Avoid frequent head baths and rain showers especially during acute phase.
Home Remedies for Tonsillitis
■Apply hot fomentation on front of neck externally.
■Gargling should be done after every four hours with a pinch of salt in a glass of warm water.
■Garlic cloves are crushed and a paste is made out of it and mixed with honey and applied to the inflamed tonsil with a cotton swab.
■Add turmeric powder (one teaspoon) in a glass of a warm milk and sugar to taste and should be taken twice daily for five days.
■Dry gingerpowder boiled in a cup of water can also be used for gargling for relieving congestion and hoarseness of voice


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