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For Yiyeh

Dear Yiyeh,

Three weeks from now I will be leaving Taiwan. It is really difficult leaving you behind but we both understand that my journey here has an ending. You have been my family ever since, the moment I saw you I knew I would have a “grandpa’’ in your presence.

How should I start this letter? It’s been two months now that I am trying to write but I couldn’t. Maybe, I am still hoping that “miracle” would happen, that I will be allow to stay longer in your company but my hopes ended. Things are still the same with all the laws and regulation, I have no choice but to go.

I am so blessed having you. I have never encountered hardship in dealing with you and your family. I will cherish and remember the times we have had for 3 years. You made my stay abroad worthwhile. I felt somehow, I am home.

Yiyeh, I want you to know that you change my life in so many forms. I will be forever grateful for all the things you have given, for the opportunity caring you and for giving a chance how it feels like having a grandfather. You inspired me to be more humble and caring even to the strangers. You are one of the extraordinary persons I met from moral values and how you embrace life.

I am not good in saying goodbyes. How I wish I could spend more years with you.

I will miss you so much! I will miss our everyday conversation and our meal together, our trip to the bookstore/groceries/department store and DVD shop. I will your voice asking me what to eat, what I want, what I like. I will miss this phrases “you decide Gemma”, “anything you like” “take it if you desire” “it’s my gift” “take care’’ but most especially I will miss our laughter, I will miss your smile I see every morning. I will miss holding your arms while walking in the Parks. I will miss preparing food for you. Every simple things I enjoy doing in your company I will surely miss.

Thank you very much for everything. All you’ve given well appreciated. I am sorry if somehow, I failed my duties and responsibilities. I am sorry for I couldn’t stay longer.

Please take care. If time comes and I am allowed to go back legally without a doubt I will come back. In the meantime, be assured that my sister is well behaved and can do my job. She is well-trained. I know you’re worried about changes but she’s almost like me dedicated and patient.

You are one of the reasons why I will go back to school. Thank for showing me the importance of education, for guiding me and for inspiring me not to stop dreaming. Whatever path I take, you are part of it.

From time to time I will send you an email and call you.

I leave you my warmest thanks and best regards for the future. I love you! You have a special place in my heart.

With love and prayers,


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