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Thank You Ate

It was a day of cherished moment with my two close friends in Taipei. My so called Ate’s asked me to mingle and roam around Minsheng area. Time flies so fasts, before I even noticed my stay here is almost over. We went to Korean Restaurant to try their shabu-shabu. We talked a lot, laughed and shared experiences that mold our lives. They were full of words of wisdom especially tackling a relationship and mending the broken ones.
Both treat me like their own sister. They cooked for me and shared my pain when I almost couldn’t make it. They gave me so much reason to be sensible to others because of their unquestionable moral support when I badly needed. I can make special request and they are very understanding in my mood swings. They pampered me.
Although I have known them both just last year, the fact that they treat me so well speaks a volume.
Thank you for the friendship. Thank you for lending your ears and shoulders during those times I couldn’t stand steady. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you. I will gonna miss you.


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