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Wake Up Call

(Image from Google, a starving child from Sudan)

I’ve been searching for an answer in my emotional turmoil. Holy week has been the most trying times of my spiritual journey. Many things unfold during the course of one week. A lot of uncertainties and worries make me so vulnerable. I have desire to try new things, new hobby and new set of goals emerged. I cried so hard again, felt so little and it revive my angst towards something. I started to question my worth and why I have to endure pain that almost crippled me.

Here I am again, same old me. The sadness once again overtook and blurred my vision. I felt so restless, I wanted to escape from the voice that pushing me into the wall of giving up.

“Don’t run, you will only meet more frustrations”
“Open up, speak out”
“Bhing, whether you see it or not but your pain is my pain too.”
“I will never leave you”
“I love you so much”

Then, out of nowhere I happened to browse the site of inspiring stories, images of famine, pictures of tsunami victims, and broken homes. I saw a clip of children died from malnutrition, a mother who lost her only son, and a small child who’s in the middle of soldiers at war, but still she manage to have a infectious smile. My predicament is not even close to what they’re been through. I have home, job, and in good health. I have no reason to complain but to be grateful for everything I have.

“You’re blessed Gemma”
“Go out! see the beauty of every morning”
“Spoil yourself, buy something for yourself”
“Enjoy, while you can”

Yeah, I am so fortunate. I have friends and family. I have someone who had never given up in all my shortcomings and keep inspiring me to be a better individual.

Thank you God for savings us!



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