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Being A Student Again

Result of Anatomy and Physiology Lecture Exam. I’m on top 🙂

Until now, i can’t believe that finally I AM A STUDENT again.

Who would thought after 10 years I will decide to study full time. At first, convincing myself is one of my struggle. I’m not confident enough that i could make it but because of the inspiring words from my family and fiance, it gives me inner strength to go on with my plans.

My classmates are so nice. Although i am the oldest in the class, i never felt being an outsider. The different (maybe) i’m more mature in dealing with our lessons. I am always on time, always first to arrive in class. (hahaha)

There’s no stopping now. I promised to myself i”ll get my certificate in PN. I am studying hard too. I’m kinda serious with my schooling because i put in my mind this is my last chance to fulfill my broken and shattered dreams.

I know, I’m almost there!


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