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Padis Point

Place: Padis Point (Mandaluyong)

I had a chanced mingling with my classmate last Saturday @ Padis Point. It was a birthday celebration of Ms. Melody Bautista. I was too hesitant to attend the party because I admit I’m not a party goer but in the back of my mind tells me why not try for a change.

I went there very early, as usual I waited for them (lol). They arrived too late and I was furious already. Maybe, I’m impatient in waiting! hahaha! But anyway, my mood changed because Jimson served as our clown.

I went home at 10:30pm but my classmate stayed there until midnight. It was one my unforgetable experience, having to explore my horizon and see the other side of lifestyle.

Thank you classmates! (-.-) Happy Birthday Melody!

I was fun indeed!


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