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Acquaintance Party (SASN Makati)

A night full of fun and magic ones. Although the program started late (because of heavy rain and traffic) still it never spoiled us to have fun and enjoyed the night. I liked it most the presentation of each batch, the mini videos per sections. The videos itself represented the dynamic and differences but it also unites us, and portrays the very essence of us being a students mingling with new friends.

Theme: Dress to Impress

The Auditorium

Warriors: Friends for keeps

With Sir Chan, our youngest professor

With the “Elegant Ladies”

We Belong (Red Team)

the most punctual and the late ones :))

with our Guest Speaker  Ms. Shane Aguila


Red Carpet

Tres Marias

Being with them makes the night more enjoyable

This is the group that they can’t break 

Waiting for my date for the night

Our future Ms. SASN

The most annoying president but a good one

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